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18-Jan-2013 Work… blergh

Friday 18 January 2013 Leave a comment

Today started out with me having a headache and just feeling a bit rotten after a late night last night. I struggled into work a little on the late side. It was a hot day with another total fire ban declared and record temps predicted. During the day people discussed the latest high temps – I think Sydney hit 48C. There was a massive very hot wind blowing. Luckily my work pc got fixed in the afternoon so I could continue working. I bought some birthday presents for Chelsea’s 15th tomorrow. By the afternoon most rail lines were cactus so a lot of people left early to try to get home ok. At Town Hall station they were stopping people going onto the very narrow platform as there were too many people, However I got home ok.

I was going to go running then swimming but a massive southerly wind blew up and there were tree branches going all over and it was not safe (also Mum, Dad, Kody didn’t want to be left alone). So I had a quick swim instead then pottered around doing some chores in the evening whilst Dawn was at advanced yoga (I didn’t fancy staying out till 10.30pm tonight as I was so tired).

By the time we wrapped chelsea’s presents and made a card and read, it was approx 0130am!

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27-Nov-2012 Foodbank NSW Community Day

Tuesday 27 November 2012 Leave a comment

As I work for a large organisation (Westpac) and they are keen to put back into the community, they allow everyone to take a day off per year to work for the community in some capacity. In the past I have used this day as part of the work I put into organising the Six Foot Track Marathon that raises funds for the Rural Fire Service.

This year a bunch of people in the office, including Telstra who we work with a lot decided to go to Foodbank NSW in the Western Suburbs.

They basically take deliveries of donated food from Supermarkets and the like, to their warehouse, then take orders from community organisations, church missions, welfare groups and the like, and organise drivers to come pick it up.

Our role on the day was to pack the orders as though we had a shopping and were going round a supermarket, although on a much larger scale. It was cool to learn about what was involved and obviously its a great organisation, but hard work also especially as it was quite warm.


17-May-2009 Running Again

Sunday 17 May 2009 Leave a comment

This week was a tough one at work and I did very little running. However I went running this morning (after I walked the dog). I wanted to do a bush run to test out the ankle and decided to run the “Mount Bass” track (never seen a mountain there though). I also wanted to run the track after it crosses Winifred Falls as I couldn’t find it before. Turns out it was easy to find (cut straight over the creek – not deep so didn’t really get wet). My ankle was fine. Shame it took 90mins to go 9.35km. But I was taking it easy and not rushing.

Then I went for a swim in the sea. It felt cold, but when I got out it seemed warmer in the water so went back in. It was very sunny and quite beautiful.

I mentioned work, I feel its like a prison sometimes, especially now I share a pod with my manager. But its not really like a prison (there’s no free food for starters …). Here’s a photo I took from the office, by the lifts. Yep – there’s a lot worse out there.

Tomorrow is the smh half marathon. I think its the 13th year (maybe). I ran the first 6 or 7 of the events but I just can’t be bothered now – going to the city , spending all day out, paying a motza to run a crap time on city streets with 10,000 others (what ?!).

Serena – your note about year12 english books. I gave up english in year 10 (or the uk equivalent). We read “our man in havana” by graham greene. I didn’t like it then but read it a few years later and really enjoyed it. in fact I bought a whole bunch of his books and really like them. In general I found school to be quite positive & uplifting.

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11-Jun-2008 Tuesdays

Wednesday 11 June 2008 Leave a comment

The last few weeks now I have been working from home on a Tuesday. I am lucky, my job is “playing on the computer” and speaking on the phone. The missus works on Tues from 5am-9pm (she has an almost 2hr commute each way – long story). Although the kids can get up and go to school and come home again, we found that if I go to work by the time I get home (am a slack timekeeper) the place is in disarray and I am still cooking dinner at 9pm, no homework etc. So I get the kids off to school, do the washing, clearing up, and make sure the kids get a proper dinner and do some homework etc. During the day I am working and on the whole, I do. My only vice is that I sneak out for a run.

Actually last week I didn’t and spoke to the missus at 7pm and said I hadn’t been running and she thought that was sad, so I went out immediately after. It was cold dark & wet and I ran thru the bush without a torch. I promised myself long ago I wouldn’t do that after I got 3 twisted ankles in about 6 weeks. Anyway, did that, but when I came to the Bonnie Vale stream, of course it was high tide, so I waded out (and spooked some deer and vice versa), then swam the rest of the way in my shoes. It was the widest I had ever seen it. It shit me up big time. Then I ran back along Bonnie Vale beach, I ran at the surfs edge in barefeet. The wind was fierce but the water was surprisingly warm (currently approx 18-19C). I had the biggest smile. Best 45mins of the week.

This week, today, I snuck out approx 4.45-5.30pm just as it was getting dark but as we have “big sky” here you can run when its pretty dark and its ok. Did a different route. Swam at Hordern’s beach. Very few people go in the sea this time of year but I have decided to try to go all thru winter. At the moment I just wear my shorts, go in the water – swim like crazy for 10 secs straight out, turn round and come straight back and get out. You know that phrase “the agony and the ecstasy” ? I know where it comes from now… In the summer I do much longer for sure. lucky I can just walk home all wet and in barefeet, its only 50m away.

I quite like looking after the kids and being involved with them. Keeps you grounded. At the weekend, I took 5 girls swimming, as they had some friends sleep over, different breakfasts, lunch, dinners etc. it’s full on. still at times we have even more over!

All the stuff about Rudi on CR (here and here) is making me feel ill. really. that’s probably why I have posted a bunch of times. I am not sure I could ever be so nasty about people, don’t like ’em just move on. I am quite sure if we were all in a pub or at the finish of a run, everything would be a lot calmer even if people disagreed (disagreement is ok its just the “knives out” I can’t stand).

This post was originally on my old blog and it had some comments:

Blair: I know what you mean Kev about the Rudi stuff Kev. It has left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach too.

PlodBod: Your life sounds fantastic. I want to live in your part of the world :rolleyes:

WombatOutofHell: Like I commented on Plu’s blog I dont envy you your mods position.  I dont know what all the Rudi bashing-or indeed others posting on the threads you mentioned is all about.  If you dont like what someone says then no one is forcing you to read it!
I think all the mods do a great job.  It’s just a pity they are needed at all.