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11-Mar-2016 Leaving for the UK

Friday 11 March 2016 Leave a comment

Today definitely didn’t start well although the damage was done last night (Thursday): I knew I would be home late from work and Dawn was working overnight so my aim was to pack and tidy up so I would have a clear run on Friday morning to go for a last run & swim at Jibbon, see Dawn and go to work and then the airport straight from work.

A great plan that failed failed failed.

I got home late on Thursday as expected maybe 8pm+ as I always get caught up trying to finish off work, and I had to buy some gifts for Kody’s Japanese exchange buddy who is coming next week (who I won’t see or be able to help with… that didn’t go down well). I got home late, felt like crap as I have been burning the candle at both ends, had a bath and went to bed at 10pm, thinking “I’ll sort it all out early tomorrow morning).

Friday morning I still felt awful. I drove to Jibbon for a cold but gorgeous swim. At home I made a half-hearted effort to clear up, and took work calls then went to bed till 11.30am and then worked & did chores & packed all the way till 4.30pm then went for a good swim with everyone except Kody, even Charley the dog came. I then almost missed the ferry as I was on the phone for work and even in the train and at the airport. Yuk. It just felt horrible. Was still emailing instructions all the way up until the plane left at 9.30pm.

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18-Dec-2015 Last Day Of Work For The Year

Friday 18 December 2015 Leave a comment

Today was my last day at work for the year as I will be off until 11th January. It’s interesting as the last few years I have had 2, 3 or 4 weeks off over Christmas, New Year and the summer and had time off mid-year. However it feels like I have been hanging out for my break for weeks now or months even! The last few weeks it feels like there has been a gradual dis-interest at work (by everyone, not just me…) greatly exacerbated by the xmas party season. The kids feel it too, hanging out for school holidays. In fact its probably the whole of Australian society in the gradual slow grind to the break. Probably it being summer does not help.

Today started off early as I was swimming at Cronulla at 6.30am so was up at 5.15am. A great swim around Shark Island with Stu and Steve and a bunch of others, then breakfast & coffer overlooking the beach – a great start to a cruisy day!

Luckily today at work was just clearing the decks, setting my out of office notification, clearly emails and telling people I can’t do stuff or passing work onto my team mates. Me and my team went out for lunch for two hours over the road sitting outside in the shade just chatting, then we tried the new coffee place “coffee handsome”. I left work about 5.30pm – early for me. It was very hot 30C I reckon.

At home I went for a run and a swim at Jibbon and I could just feel the pressure lift iff my shoulders. 3 weeks ahead of… fantastic !!

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7-Nov-2015 Leaving the City

Saturday 7 November 2015 Leave a comment

Although I have been working for the same company for “quite a long time” I have always work in the Sydney CBD, but still managed to move offices more or less every year or two. So much so that moving is no big deal as I have few to no papers or files or anything. In a modern corporate job you are encouraged to be lean. Anyway after some long drawn out time (I have been split 50:50 between the CBD and a far flung southern Sydney suburb, Kogarah for a few months), today we actually packed up to leave for good. Or whatever counts as permanent in these fast-moving times. Probably till the next “flavour of the month” 🙂

Anyway this photo is of a little note that I had pinned up. I can put up a new photo at my new place of work, except, I don’t have an office or a desk but I do have a locker ! I guess it’s a bit like school where you just fight each day for a space.

It’s actually quite a good place to work, lots of cool areas to work, wifi everywhere, no desk phones only mobiles, but you know there is just this lingering thought that it’s not for my benefit, it’s to save money and squeeze even more blood from a stone productivity from the workers.



21-Nov-2014 Boules Social with work

Friday 21 November 2014 Leave a comment

Today was our annual Boules day at work where our company plays against Telstra, our main provider. We go late morning to a place near the harbour at Pyrmont and have lunch and play. Today was absolutely roasting and for once I remembered to take a hat and sunnies. Not bad as opposed to a day at work in the office, and it was free!

I left about 3.30pm and walked back to work for an hour or so’s work. It was a VERY hot walk back.



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5-Oct-2014 Updated My Linked In profile

Sunday 5 October 2014 Leave a comment

I updated my Linked In profile this evening. I completed my previous work experience replacing my placeholder text that I’d had there for over 4 years!

If you don’t know what Linked In is, it’s a bit like facebook for business people ! Many people find jobs through linked in now.

Each person’s profile is a bit like their CV.


5-Jun-2014 Pushing it hard

Thursday 5 June 2014 Leave a comment

Winter in Australia starts 1st June and this week has been raining hard all week and has had cool temperatures. This morning, Thursday, it was really tipping down. really really heavily. But I like swimming in the rain so I dashed down to the beach in only my swimmers and a rain mac, barefoot even.

I had a quick swim in the pouring rain, although the sea was very clear and flat. It was great and even a little warm. Dashed home for a warm shower then went to work at Kogarah and had a busy day, then left to come home and drive out with Dawn to yoga.

I probably shouldn’t have gone as I had a headache before I even got home from work, and the yoga didn’t clear it. My arm and shoulder played up something chronic so I was in a fair bit of agony before the class had finished.

I felt quite rotten by the time we got home, in the pouring rain still.

Maybe I have been pushing it at all ends, it certainly felt like it!

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7-May-2014 A long day

Wednesday 7 May 2014 Leave a comment

Today was a very long day. I had to complete my online hr training eg health & safety at work, and other banking compliance training. I decided to go in early with Dawn as she was working. It meant that Jaz would have the car later on for soccer training. We got up at just gone 4.30am and I was at my desk a bit bleary eyed by 6.15am, even allowing for a stand-up espresso from Mecca on the way. It felt like forever that I had ever been at work so early. Most people commented on my earliness !

I then planned to stay later and meer Dawn on her train at 8.15pm which I did. This made it a long day, not helped by being busy. I did flag a bit around 4pm and went out for a walk and some fresh air. I bought a honey & ginger hot drink from Chatime which I thought would be really sweet. It wasn’t overly sweet but the ginger had a real kick, and I like ginger a lot!

We didn’t get home till 9.30pm, both of us shattered. Watched the last episode of Puberty Blues season 2 then went to bed.


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