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2-Jan-2015 Weight

Friday 2 January 2015 Leave a comment

I did actually weigh myself yesterday, 81.2kg (12stone 11pounds or 179 pounds), so a little down on a few months back. I am not sure why I feel the need to comment on it, as it is just a number.

But I feel that since I don’t run as much that I have got a lot … well … heavier and I don’t really like it. I have upped my other exercise and tried to be very cautious in what I eat and drink.

Maybe I see gaining weight as a middle-aged thing and I try to ignore that I am not a young person anymore. Not sure.

My lightest when I ran my fastest times was 61kg but for much of the last decade I have been 75kg or thereabouts, mainly less, until the last 4-5 years when it has crept up at the same time as my running has decreased….


12-Oct-2014 Hot Sunday

Sunday 12 October 2014 Leave a comment

Dawn went to work early and I got up early some 4hrs later. I had a quick swim at the beach which was great – sun was out and water was great.

I bought a short-necked turtle for Kody as part of a prize for winning best-and-fairest in the Zone OzTag competition. We had to go to Heathcote for that. Then I did a bunch of home chores. By then it was gone 1pm. I weighed myself and was shocked to see 81.6kg the heaviest for many years even though I am careful with what I eat and the exercise that I do. hmmm probably more running required.

I then went for a 2hr run to the burnt steps above little marley. That makes it 4 weeks in a row now. Afterwards I bought a better cap online as protection from for sun as it is very hot and exposed out there. Big Marley and Little Marley beaches had the best waters I have ever seen there, almost no waves, crystal clear blue water, no dangerous rips!  I should have stopped for a swim but didn’t as I knew I would have a swim back home. Afterwards I died on hammock for a couple of hours.

21-Apr-2013 Lazy few days at home

Sunday 21 April 2013 Leave a comment

I have spent a few days “taking it easy”. Got up about 10am most days, swimming each day at the beach, running (even with the missus which I enjoyed immensely!), yoga a few times in the evenings. Cooking dinner for the kids, reading. Dawn was of too, as are all of the kids, so it’s been really nice.

Of course I also did a a few chores, like fixing up one of the computers, and I bought a new netball stand for the garden and built it/set it up it up. I also had to buy some new running shoes, the first for 8 years (as previously I got my shoes via Loco Running):

New running shoes by #kevintiller

We went out one night to the cinema to see the Identify Thief (more about the film here):

Went to #cinema by #kevintiller

I thought it looked like a total waste of time, but I did quite enjoy it and Dawn did too. We went out for a Mexican meal in Cronulla afterwards.

It’s been really great just going slow, and running in the clean air, around the park with no people. The water in the sea is still surprisingly warm although definitely getting cooler. But its been very clear.

The weather is on the turn and is starting to get darker and cooler in the evenings. It’s quite nice to feel a bit cooler after the baking heat of india & Bangladesh.

Note-I weighed myself the morning after I got home – 75.2kg so I’d lost a bit of weight but not much (was 76.6kg the day I left).

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14-Jul-2011 Stopping the recording & saving time

Thursday 14 July 2011 1 comment

I have been recording all the running that I do and when I exercise / weight tracking  and all the yoga classes we have been to. Why have I been doing this ? I am not sure – this latest effort with running recording has been going on for approx 5 years, the yoga for a couple of years. It’s good to look back on I guess although I have been trying to just STOP doing stuff and focus on enjoying life as it happens. I must admit that I have been finding the recording somewhat irksome (and have been doing just a bulk weekly catchup).

Anyway I read this article a couple of days back and decided I would just stop recording. As of today.