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4-Aug-2014 I am a lucky guy

Monday 4 August 2014 Leave a comment

I think one of the continuing themes of my recent life is just what a lucky guy I am.

Today is a Bank Holiday and so all the Bank’s are shut and so I have the day off as I work for a Bank. I had to take the big car to the garage as the boot can’t open. So whilst waiting for them to sort it I went to Cronulla for a swim – it is a beautiful hot sunny day but the water is a freezing 15.6C. I just went around the buoy but it was enough. Incredibly crystal clear water.

Then I got a coffee and looked out at the view, just pondering the world – see the photo below.

How lucky am I to have a job where I can get enough $ to pay for an awesome holiday like I have just had: Australia – China – France – England – Belguim – France – China – Australia. To be honest how lucky am I to be able to live where I do ? Period.

And to have a great wife and kids old enough to be left. Sure we have both put in some hard yards over the years but it’s great to be able to enjoy it now.

I am lucky to be fit enough to do a holiday like that, or motivated enougj to do it. Maybe it’s not luck but good management. Either way, I feel very very lucky.


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28-Jun-2014 Arrive Beijing

Saturday 28 June 2014 Leave a comment
We got to Beijing approx 6am ontime. It was hot. I saw a thermometer saying 25c at 7am, and later on it got to 36C. We got thru immigration ok even though they raised eyebrows at the 72hour visa on arrival, it didn’t appear very popular. The first atm I tried wouldn’t give me any money and the official exchange counter only took cash so that cleared me out of AU$. I did find another atm that worked which was a relief. We also found a place to get a chinese sim and even got it activated immediately and it worked as txted Chelsea immediately.
We managed to get on the Airport Express train but realised that carting our luggage thru the metro, changing trains twice and then walking 1km with them to find our place down the back streets was going to be too much so we caught a taxi at Dong Zimen metro to where we were staying. I called the girl sunny and got the taxi driver to sort out directions. She then met us off the taxi. It was a cute place but jaz was a bit worried about the toilet situation, pee inside and anything else down the alley in the public toilets. We went straight to bed for 3hrs as we were both wrecked.
Amazingly in our room it was silent, no outside noise at all. With air om and wifi so very happy with it.
We got up approx lunchtime and went for a walk in the local area. We found a place to get some food – broad beans in aniseed, stinky tofu with an even stinkier dip and orchid with black fungus. It was good food in a nice place. We then went next door for a coffee (me) and cold drink (jaz). We then found a very cool road to art shops, and knick knacks. We spent a lot of time walking about and buying some small items. Rather than walk back we got the metro and walked a bit. Bought fruit on the way back to our place.
Earlier we had seen a place that hired out bikes so we went out approx 6pm and  cycled to Tian An Men Square. Although they drive on the opposite side of the road, and the roads are crazy busy, the traffic half follows the rules, it’s dead flat and they have mega bike lanes separated from traffic by small fences. So overall it was a geat experience and we got to see more of Beijing. We got back just as it was getting dark (it could have been a bit hair raising to cycle in the dark with no lights). Back at our place we spoke to dawn and the kids on the phone, then went out for dinner round the corner. We had cold noodles with sesame and a heap of eggplant.
Bed approx 11pm after a shower. We were both totally shattered.

27-Jun-2014 Off on UK Trip!

Friday 27 June 2014 Leave a comment

Jazmin went running at about 5.20am and woke me and Dawn up, and neither of us could get back to sleep. I then got up again to see the kids off to school, then finally got up at 8.30am as Dawn was going for a massage at 9am.

I went for a brief run and swim to Jibbon beach. I felt I was huffing and puffing as I have had a cold all week and its not really better but want to make the effort for a last swim. I hadn’t been run ing either. The water is cold but so very clear. The day was warm and sunny. Back home I packed the last things then went to cronulla with jaz and dawn.

We got lunch at the heart & sole cafe (I had soup). Then we bought a couple of things for kody’s birthday which is on sunday and we will miss it, which is quite poor timing but suits Jaz’s uni leave. We picked up the kids from school and drove to Sutherland for a coffee, then me and jaz jumped on the train to the airport.

We checked in and walked round a bit. I bought a kale salad and jaz got an apple. Plane took off on time approx 8pm. They didn’t have our veg food order so starved! Also felt very cramped and I got a headache. I bought my phone loaded up with music and my kindle with books but the bastards wouldn’t let anyone evn the phone on – “Chinese government regulations”. Needless to say I didn’t sleep either. Not a happy chappy. Jaz didn’t feel much better either.