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22-Dec-2012 first day of the holidays!

Saturday 22 December 2012 Leave a comment

I am off work for 3 weeks as of today and boy I really feel as though I made the most of it on the first day.

First up I ran 15km with Billy’s Bushies in Bundeena at 7am-8.30am then had a swift icy cold gatorade in preparation for one of annual highlights – the Bundeena to Cronulla swim (Sough Cronulla beach) – 3.5km starting at 9am. There was about 62 swimmers this year, no entry no names, just like a running fat ass! I came in approx middle of the pack – swam very well for my best result ever although I did think I was going to vomit at The Point but it was a very gassy burp. Took $20 in my speedos to catch the ferry back, although I probably looked a bit weird walking thru Cronulla Mall and catching the ferry in my speedos.

At home I bit of a snooze on the hammock in the garden, reading the paper etc. Just what I’d like to do on holiday. There was a good letter on the letters page of the Guardian weekly which really resonated with me (from Jerry Schaefer, Long Beach California):

“Capitalism itself isn’t necessarily bad. The people involved in it aren’t automatically evil. But the actions they’re taking are foolhardy  They are putting the planet at risk. Our addiction to commerce makes us willing collaborators in their folly. Worse than crimes against humanity, these are crimes against the planet itself”.

In the afternoon I went for a swim with my daughter.

On facebook there is a really good meme on “The uprising of women in the arab world” – I especially liked “I’m with the uprising of women in the Arab world because for 20 years i wasn’t allowed to feel the wind in my hair and my body” and  “I’m with the uprising of women in the Arab world because for 20 years i was not born to be oppressed just like birds were not meant to be caged“.

I should clarify I support muslims and do not think “the west or anyone has the answers to life”, I support anyone, but I believe most in people and their ability to determine their own lives.


17-Oct-2012 The Guardian weekly

Wednesday 17 October 2012 1 comment

The last couple of weeks I have been buying the Guardian Weekly. It’s a really good paper, with excellent world news – I don’t think I have ever read a paper with such good world news coverage, and that’s what I look for in a paper. I might even subscribe as its a good form factor even for reading on trains!

19-Nov-2011 The rise of veganism

Saturday 19 November 2011 Leave a comment

I read this in the paper today (virtual paper of course!):

The rise of veganism – gets a triple thumbs up from me!


Waste food feeds 5,000 a lunchtime curry – yes the world & society at large are so wasteful.

15-Aug-2011 I have lived over half of my life

Monday 15 August 2011 Leave a comment

Its funny but the Guardian newspaper has far and away the best articles of any newspaper in the world.

This article really hit home – I have lived over half of my life – and clearly touches a nerve I have been thinking about for a long time:

You grow up with the sense that the best years are ahead of you, and in your mid-40s that becomes questionable. You wonder whether you’ve peaked on all sorts of levels.

and also:

What do I want my midlife to be like? What about the rest of my life, that diminishing resource? I try to think, but I’m so often distracted: by working to deadlines, by going out, but especially by my children. They are young, so they are fun but relentless. That unremitting routine that kids need: up at the same time, bed at the same time, breakfast, dinner, tea, every day every day. It makes life pass so quickly, and that makes me panic.

I don’t want to wake up in 10 years’ time, when I’m 54, and feel the same way I do now. I’m scared of that. I’m frightened. Because I only have 20 years of working life left, and I have to combine those years with bringing up my kids. There is no way I can achieve what I want. Whatever that is (I don’t know).