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12-Aug-2009 New Beginnings

Wednesday 12 August 2009 Leave a comment

I am going thru something of a metamorphosis at the moment – trying to work out the type of person I want to be when I grow up. Right now, there is only so much I can take – of work, of coolrunning, of all these other commitments.

So I am acting a bit like a monk at the moment – I have withdrawn off to my “wilderness” bolt hole of the RNP and am just doing lots of running, not much socialising and certainly no races. to be honest the main reason I rarely race is because I am not sure I really fit in to the main demographic of most fun runners anymore. Definitely not the city to surf or many of the other runs. I prefer the smaller runs, SMC, Sydney Striders, the M7 marathon is good etc. (also because I am skint).

I am thinking of running Willy to Billy though, that’s a good one.

Anyway, on the metamorphosis side. I have decided to cut the crap and just focus on the type of runner I want to be. So I am putting in some additional runs, and making it a higher priority, and a bit more sleep.

I am reading the more about the types of runners I want to be : AntonSleep Train and Shogun.

I have changed my diet a bit (more on that at another time). just shifting it up a gear. If I am going to run sub-5 at Six Foot next year I need to get hard core.

Books – I read this cool book by a total wally. or at least I always assumed that Deepak Chopra was a real wally, but his buddha book is just truly stunning & amazing and it really moved me. Now of course it was written like a novel so you never really know if Siddhartha/ Buddha said or thought that, or if it was that Deepak guy, but it was cool anyway. Well worth reading. anyway my reading is going off on a bit of a tangent for now. No dout I will write more about this later.

Music – the new wilco, and the old bright eyes.

Stop apologising for the things you’ve never done because time is short and life is cruel, its up to us to change (That’s the Jam, A Town Called Malice)

6-Jun-2009 That Was The Week That Was

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Last Saturday I ran the Helensburgh loop starting from Garie Beach (28k all up). I knew I would the only one to front but I didn’t much care. started 7am very cold and looked like rain. I took my ipod along for its first run in about 3months – I had everything from the Osmonds, Bay City Rollers to Pearl Jam, Sham 69 etc. cool as.

I had planned to just run with water and buy some bananas but at the last moment I remembered I had a truckload of clip2. I think its about 3 years out of date but that stuff never goes off. I screwed up as I was taking 2 handhelds and put both packs in one bottle so emptied into a bowl, mixed and put in the right bottles.

During the run I had periods of drizzle and periods of no drizzle. Later in the morning the sun came thru, but 10mins after I got home it absolutely teemed it down. I took no food or gus at all, and refilled the bottle I’d emptied at a tap Helesnburgh, and bought 3 bananas for $2, ate 2 straightaway and carried the other which I had going past Helensburgh station and put the skin in a bin there. Route finding was easy about from a dodgy right hand turn near the freeway just after Helensburgh playing fields, Helensburgh dump (which I will revisit before RNP on 11-Jul to ensure I have it right). I have marked what I think is the best route now on the run map. There was also a sneaky left hand turn off the de burgh track which I have alway missed and so have always added on a few km.

Link to course here.

I finished approx 12:20 so 5h 20m. I’d say I could do it in about 4h 30m next time and won’t need a map, so could go even lighter. I knew I’d be in strife with the missus, and was big time. I told her that I had a fantastic run and she couldn’t say anything to take away from it – she admitted that there was no real problem me being out so long and that she felt she missed out and wanted to go too. She could but she doesn’t want to run for much longer than 2-3hrs these days.

Looking back now, I feel it was a SUPERB route to run – although I love the bush, I always prefer runs with a bit of everything, roads, single track, 4wd, sand, etc. This run has it all. Even Helensburgh dump is ok and is passed in the blink of an eye.

I was of course cactus for the rest of the day (Saturday).

On Sunday I ran with the missus from the Trig point to Big Marley and return (12km all up).

Link to course here.

I ran quite strongly given the day before’s exercise, but Dawn whacked me coming back uphill. It’s 6km downhill then 6km uphill. However I felt really pleased with my effort.

Monday I started to get the flu as per the rest of the family had over the weekend and Tuesday I was cactus. I received about 50 pairs of old running shoes int he post from Canberra and also a request to send 100+ pairs to the running group in Port Moresby PNG so that should work ok (I have about 60 pairs in the garage already).

Weds I went to the striders committee mtg in the evening and so didn’t get home till late. Its my last committee mtg as we have virtually wrapped up six foot for this year and ongoing the race director is Colin. However I opened my big mouth at the wrong time as usual and am now on a small subcommittee thing to look at the striders website, database and other IT bits.

TV-wise this week – I don’t watch much TV – shameless and office tigers. I saw shameless on Mon but missed office tigers due to being at the striders committee mtg – so saw it online from the sbs tv website.

On Friday I went out after work and had a couple of beers. maybe that’s why I feel a bit cactus today (mmm I like that word and it has a variety of meanings).

I saw this on a weblink this week and I like it:

I have always liked little quotes and have been collecting them on my website for years, in particular my jottings & other un-ordered notes, but I have just started collecting little ones on images (here)

I also get a lot of email (I get rss feeds converted to email and sent to me via this tool) one of them seems a bit off the planet for a feral trail runner, but I like Gala Darling a fashion-blog – the latest update is here

I also bought the latest uncut music mag as they had an article on madness. the cover cd was all about songs about London – it had one of squeeze, chris difford, playing a version of up the junction. I love that song and have done since the day it was released. I then spent about an hour listening to various versions on the internet – for example :

28-May-2009 Last Weekend

Thursday 28 May 2009 Leave a comment

oh boy – I am really getting into this running lark:

Saturday. The weather looked shite when I woke up so thought it would just be a hard core few at bushies. there were loads of people. From wattamolla there are only a few options and we headed towards killer gorge. some new guys running and I was going well so figured I would clean them up later. I came stone last from our group even though I ran well. Even Six Bricks beat me. Billy listed me under the females for being so slow. Still I had a good run. Saw Lynda coming back close to Wattamolla (she’s on CR too). Heard about the bishops race (ssshhh…) I put it down as 16km. felt like it anyway. pretty pooped for the rest of the day, can’t even remember what I did, running is always the best part of the day.

Sunday. SMC 25km. I wanted to go to top up the kms and have a hit out as I run mainly by myself I wanted to see how I’d go. Answer was shithouse time although I was fairly happy with my time (2:25) equivalent to a 4:04 marathon. Jeezus, I need to sort myself out if I am going to run sub-3 anytime soon! I started off midway thru the pack then slowly drifted to the back. SMC need to be congratulated on putting on a top event – just how I like it – well run but no bullshit. Same as Striders. Compared to SMH, C2S and Blackmore’s then its not hard to see why I don’t worry about the big end of town. Good to catch up with everyone afterwards (briefly) – had to dash home to take a tiddler to swimming lessons. I also dropped off approx 100 pairs of recycled runners. Totally cactus in afternoon.

Went running early morning on Tues and weds, need to put in some hard yards. Loving it. the best.

Been listening to the new manic street preachers album. t’is good. I read some of this book – Thick Face, Black Heart but chucked it in the recycle bin. total shite. waste of money. I am waiting for the road to wigan pier to arrive by post, but if not then I will start on the sid vicious book.


This was originally posted to my blog on CoolRunning. It attracted one comment:

Tim: so let me get this straight.  you are a ferral bush runner who shuns main events yet you are talking about a sub 3 marathon :)

14-May-2009 Moving On

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This year I dropped my subscription to runners World mag (the Australian version). I was also going to drop my AURA subscription also as I am just not into it and $80 is a lot for 4 magazines per annum. However I saw they had a $30 mag subscription so they got saved at the last minute. I have also decided to not go to the striders awards night, the one with deek as the guest speaker. I love Striders and I love Deek but I feel I just need to move on. Its like when you go shopping you should only buy an item if you throw one out – you can’t just keep taking stuff on. I feel I just need to cut some stuff out and move on.

However I have taken out a subscription to Dumbo Feather as they do an email only subscription for $30 – they email you a pdf of the mag. interesting that each page has your email address on it, so if you forward or post to a webpage they can see who did it.

I am also putting a little bit more effort (just a little mind you) into the recycled runners program – drop offs now possible at a shop in Mosman and Sutherland. Softly Softly, however we have well and truly got well more than 1000 pairs donated now.

I am also working with mister g on the book on the history of the Six Foot Track Marathon, so still keeping busy, possibly still too busy.

On the CoolRunning front – we are travelling ok, haven’t gone bust yet. We got some new gear delivered this week, I dropped off at Ellie’s. We will be looking at an alternate (new) design for caps and visors as we have had some production issues with current ones.

We also had an operation brainstorm last night – I am ok with publicising what about:

03-Oct-2008 Peace In Myself Makes Peace In The World

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from no-impact-man :

They say a peaceful mind makes a peaceful man. A peaceful man makes a peaceful family. A peaceful family makes a peaceful village. A peaceful village makes a peaceful country. A peaceful country makes a peaceful world. Peace. Kindness. Sustainability. It’s all the same to me.

yeah beautiful. I don’t feel beautiful – work is a total shitter but the things outside of work are good.

Our habit of turning off electricity at the wall is paying off – 29Kwh per day for the last quarter – pretty good as it was half the previous bill even though it covered the winter period and a third what is was when we lived (in a bigger house) in Berowra, and there are 5 of us in the family. what’s yours ?

I am spending time reading some old books, currently Narcissus and Goldmund – I first read this as a 14year old or so. It’s like how I feel – part scholar chained to a desk and part wildman exploring all the world has to offer.

I am thinking of buying a netbook, one of the $500 jobs running XP. I have a nextg usb modem. Will need something when six foot season comes around (no new Race director to replace me yet).

On Saturday I ran over the curra moors loop to garie beach yha and back. 2hrs 10mins all up although I took a detour over sand dunes and bush bashed before I found the right track to the yha. it is the coolest place I have ever been too, very impressed indeed. I love garie beach anyway so its always a pleasure to run there.


We picked up a load of rubbish from bonnie vale – it was a hot day and lots of boating people out (the worst litter louts) – too much to carry so waded (chest high) to maianbar twice to put in the bins there.

On Sunday I made a very rare trip north to run with the sydney striders, from kogarah. Although I needn’t have bothered. I ran with the 6.10am group but got dropped by approx 7km, luckily almost back at the start. I stopped (6.55am) and drove home for 8am and went running for 2hrs with the missus. You could say I should harden up and get fitter, but I can’t be arsed, it was a crazy pace. sod ’em. Needless to say I was a bit stuffed. In the afternoon we went kayaking and that finished me off.

fyi I found some photos of the exact spot I go swimming at wattamolla – palm tree to the right, waterfall to the left.




This was posted on my old blog and had got the following comments:

Vurt : If you are interesting in the Dell Sub notebook let me know :Praying:

I have been looking at these for when Ellie and i travel next month. My impression is that the Acer Aspire One or the latest ASUS offered the best value if you are after an decent sized hard drive rather than a SSD. The Dell is a nice product though.

Mick : I hate seeing rubbish also, but having those that don’t create it, cleanup after those that do, although it helps, does not get to the source of the problem. I really just can’t understand how someone who is finished with a fast food container can just open the window and throw it out. Where do they get this from ? Surely they can just keep it in their car until they get to their destination and put it in the bin. Weird.I wish someone like Ian Kiernan could influence local government, etc to fixing the source of the problem …Impose fines, give them weekend liter detention on the sides of our roads, etc. The police are never going to be interested, probably going to have to rely on Council / Park rangers. If the fine was $200 (and that’s just for starters, etc out of window object), they should only need to issue 2 fines per day to cover their wages/overheads, with the amount of liter around that should be easily achievable.

RunBare : Hey Kev,
I’ve been doing the ‘turn things off at the wall’ as well as ‘why is THAT on???’ and trying to see how much I could save power wise.  We have 5 in our house as well, and our last quarter was was half the previous one.  10.73 kWh/day.  It’s only served to make me more determined/annoying (the kids LOVE it….) to see how low we can get it.

Moondust : I bought an Asus and I love it, but in all honesty the keyboard is *just* too small for a touch typist. The Acer has a better keyboard – the extra $100 (ish) would be worth it to me. Haven’t seen the Dell.


11-Sep-2008 Slow … And Late

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I am trying to slow my life down and enjoy it a bit more – hence I have not been so active on cr recently. been reading more. I work from home one day a week, and often walk to the post office to post some shoes (loco). We have a no-driving rule for the village we live in so usually walk or cycle. Luckily the most direct route to the post office is along the beach, so I pick up litter or just listen to the waves. yesterday I saw a diving mask tangled up in seaweed and so recovered it and spent some time scraping off the barnacles. slow is good. even when running, although I am getting faster. I took the missus out at the weekend and had to stop a hundred times for her ! success !

Although my running is going well, work is a total shit for lots of reasons and I rarely get time to run during the week, so I figured I should do what I used to – get up at 6am. but I just can’t. probably because I go to bed too late. I reckon up a 6am for an hour run till 7am which is when I usually get up would be just the trick. sounds easy but its hard to break a habit. that’s why I don’t do striders or bushies these days – afraid of early mornings ! the weird thing is I have been going to bed earlier in general, maybe I am just in catch up mode. we’ll see how it goes, will report back here.

16-Jul-2008 Losing My Religion

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thankfully I am not referring to my running!

Last weekend I did not check email, not my own, not coolrunning, not sixfoot. nothing. Its was great and I didn’t miss it. It feels like since 1994 I have got myself onto this treadmill of email/constantly connected etc. Now I think I will use it for what I want when I want. Actually its great living in a place with crap mobile reception as I usually leave the phone at home when I go out locally. only take when I am going to work or somewhere with reception. On cr I was saying to people to use the report! button to flag a problem, but I might not read it for 24hrs+. other moderators might though.

I had a good run saturday – actually it was a combo – mtb to the middle of bush, dumped bike and ran over sand dunes and saw wallabys and deer, crossed a creek, bush bashed like a dill brain and ran back to bike and pedalled like a crazy f**ker. got home wrecked.

On sunday I did have visions of going to the striders run at berowra – I used to host the run there for like 8 or 9 years and so never did the actual run. there is a new host (alan wareham -many thanks I thought the run was a gonna). But I could not face a 4.30am start, and a 90km drive. In the end I got up at 9.15am and ran for 2hrs with the missus. We had a great run. I massacred her, so the training is going well. I think she even enjoyed it. I think we were both totally pooped when we finished so read the paper for a few hours. Sunday pm we all did a bike ride on lady carrington drive. 7yr old whining – my legs hurt, my arms hurt, its too rocky. we also did a long walk on saturday with her also along the beach.

monday I barely even checked my emails. up at 7.45am and out the door approx 8.10am. busy all day. home at 7pm, went running approx 7.30pm-8.20pm. bath then made dinner. juiced a carrot, used juice and pulp. made like a tahini from “juicing” sunflower seeds. lightly nuked it with mushrooms, spinach, lemon juice & vinegar. fruit platter for desert (faves at the moment are quatered oranges, watermelon, rockmelon). quick check of cr. don’t think I even did much email. my run was great – bonnie vale in the dark BUT I ACTUALLY RAN FAST/SPRINTED for some of it. I am really getting fitter. (I might even be losing weight…)

read this on the gaping void blog – it so reminds me of me!

full of ideas

29-May-2007 Weekend

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I thought I was being a clever dick by writing my blog on my phone whilst on the train home from work, like a stream of conscious thing – a real “what was going thru my mind at that moment in time” thing. But of course I don’t use the train at the weekend, hence the break.

Fri night I went to the striders awards night. It was good, my sort of people I guess. It went too quick & barely got to speak with anyone.. It seemed, although I was one of the last to leave. On a table with ellie, jen, highwayman, hamburglar, belinda & horrie. Top blokes one & all.The icing on the cake was having keryn mccann speak. I like her – actually reminds me of the missus if you get my drift. Anyone I like “real” stars and she is great – much respect coming from this corner. Could have gone on another couple of hours …

Saturday morning was usual Loco and CoolRunning packing/ posting and post office stuff (I have lined up amjan to take over the gear role, must follow up as its been a while). In the pm we gave the west met xc a miss as the squiddlies wanted to go for a bike ride – ko has been whining for a few weeks now. She isn’t controlled enough for the pavements at home, and the roads are quite hilly. I took my bike as well and we did about 7km+ along the Parramatta river cycle path. It was great and the squiddlies were great to. Ko finds it hard to start & stop but was great the rest of the time.

I have added the cycle paths to the Australian Running Guide now – dunno why more people don’t add good routes there, it’ surprisingly easy now.

On Saturday night me & mick were playing tag-team to make some overdue changes to the CoolRunning adsystem – bug fixing mainly – ads haven’t been stooping on zero balance and spinning off to a big negative number. Also merged HOMEPAGE and OTHERPAGES zones into one image ad zone – it’s simpler. Most people want ads on he homepage, leaving other pages under-used, this way it evens it up.

On Sunday I had every intent to run the Sydney Striders star, not because it was the old geezers special, but because Poor Man’s Comrades is only like 2 or 3 weeks away. I did a very solid 12km hilly road run and was tired & beatup sunday night & monday. Anyway my brother was in Sydney for the weekend, and could only meet me 9am-noon sunday. I haven’t seen him for nearly 9 years so met him in town and went to Bondi for brekkie and soccer on the beach with the kids. It was a great day, so wasn’t sorry to miss the striders, can see them next week.


This was originally posted on my CoolRunning Blog and I had one comment:

Amjan- Well, that is pretty cool. I hardly ever read blogs, but when I read yours I saw my name! I did wonder what was happening with the gear. Feel free to send it over when you can – sounds like you have enough admin stuff to do.
And yep, Kerryn McCann was great.

14-May-2007 Monday Is Coming Like A Jail On Wheels

Monday 14 May 2007 Leave a comment

Been spending too much time reading the website of “cult british graffiti artist” Banksy: and

A good example of his work here:…issingguard.jpg and…idinlondon3.jpg

Am stuffed as running a reasonable amount and doing family things (big trip to ikea – now have blistered hands) and Cross Country with the kids on Saturday. Saw Dave Bray, superflake, a bunch of other striders (all running) and even Dr JH spectating.