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4-Oct-2013 Sporting Benchmarks For “Good Enough”

Friday 4 October 2013 Leave a comment

I ran and swam this morning and then after work I went to the gym. So needless to say I was totally pooped by the time I got home. I had been up from 0630 and it was 9pm by the time I got home.

On the train back my mind was running through :

Running – a “good enough” benchmark to aim at would be a marathon (check) or even a sub-3hr marathon (check).

Swimming – no idea of a “good enough” benchmark would be an ocean swim like Bondi to Bronte (check) or round Wedding-Cake Island at Coogee (check). or be able to join a Surflifesaving outfit (check).

Yoga – for sure being able to complete teacher training and teach at least one class. I am still heading that way (might take me a while though .. .ha ha).

Kayaking or Stand-up Paddling – probably be able to enter some of the hard core surfing competitions in all the big surf waves. mmmm am still learning this one. Not sure I will ever make it.

But going to the gym is a hard one – maybe enter one of the Crossfit regional championships?

I am not saying I am a type-A and have to be better than anyone else,  but you always want to know where you are in relation to others. If I come bottom I wouldn’t particularly care.

However at our gym, I know what benchmark I will be using and will not stop until I can achieve it. There is a monkey bar setup at least 10-15m long incredibly high. I would love to be able to complete that. Feeling pleased with myself this evening I had a go, but couldn’t even jump up high enough to hang on to the first bar, just got my finger tips around it. I have a looonng way to go!  If I manage that then I will be well happy.


29-Sept-2013 Results of September Challenge

Sunday 29 September 2013 1 comment

As my challenge for Sept was a weekly challenge it ended today, Sunday 29th. The aim was run 3x a week, yoga 3x a week, swim in the sea 3x a week and got to the gym 3x a week. You can see my results here.

Dawn thought it was a typically silly Kevin challenge ie too hard and I wouldn’t be able to do it and would run myself into the ground. To be honest I think that was the point !! I missed two sessions, the first week and the second week and then 5 the 3rd and 4th weeks. I knew I crashed and burned on both of the last two weeks.

Interesting that from the August challenge my eating has not slipped back (maybe that’s why upping the exercise was extra hard work).

For October my aim is to do some exercise each morning before I go to work (during the week) or before I do anything else (at the weekend). What exercise or how much of it of course doesn’t really matter – it’s really about trying to kickstart the daily habit.

Sunday I felt very stuffed still with a headache even after a 12hr sleep (until gone 10am this morning). In the afternoon I went to Gymea health food shop with Dawn to get some Tamari, Sauerkraut and almonds, then went for a run to Yenabilli by Maianbar and then a swim in medium-large waves at Hordern’s.

Dawn went to yoga at 6pm so I made dinner – lentils in sauce & brown rice, Jaz made a spinach & avaocado salad and we did some pasta for silly little girls who say they don’t like lentils! Bed early-ish but still around 11pm.