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14-Mar-2015 Six Foot – Not this year

Saturday 14 March 2015 Leave a comment

Today would have been my 13th Six Foot Track Marathon but I was injured so I couldn’t run. It’s a bit like a ritual going up to the Blue Mountains each March at the tail end of summer. I have been up there most years since 1991 (a long time now!) However I didn’t go up there to watch this year … I hate watching.

There is a meme about people running a “sicko” time at Six Foot and it sprung from a Tshirt had made about my pb on the course .. not really an elite time but certainly a great yardstick for a reasonable runner.

The Six Foot organisers posted this on Facebook : [link]

The Six Foot Sicko: 4 hrs 11:05
by Kevin Tiller. Race Director 2001 – 2009

Ultimately the sicko “benchmark” was due to a Tshirt I had made – see attached photo. This was in 2006. I was race director from 2001 and each year many people would remark “you put so much effort into the race have you ever run it yourself or ever thought of running it ?” I had actually run it approx 7 or 8 times between 1991 and 1999, once finishing in 8th place and once in 9th place. My pb was 4.11.05 set in 1994 when I came 9th. I thought it would be a good idea to have a shirt made with my pb on to show that I was a sixfoot runner. Because at the time I was putting a lot into the race in terms of time but also digging out some of the history, organising training runs ete, I just tacked on “six foot sicko” onto the shirt. I then wore it each year at the race and people just started to use that as a target for the keen runner (at the time I had a marathon pb of 2hrs 49mins so a sub-4hr sixfoot is only achievable by the super human. 4hr 11mins is a tad easier. It’s interesting that today a 9th place finish you would need a run A LOT quicker … but then 1994 only had 257 finishers! times change.


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3-Nov-2014 Still Injured

Monday 3 November 2014 1 comment

Despite recovering from my fall on Lady Carrington Drive a couple of weeks back, I still have this nagging pulled muscle behind my knee. This makes it very painful to even run slow on flat pavement.

I now have my bashed right shin from kayaking yesterday that is still painful, and will also last a couple of weeks.

This has put me in a negative state of mind about running races as it first occurred during the Coastal Classic back in Sept and has never really gone away. Dawn reckons that getting a massage would help, or multiple, but I never manage to get one.

In fact it seems that I quite often get injured during races over the last 4 or 5 years but I don’t get injured when I go running by myself. Clearly I over-stretch in races and generally push myself heaps harder than when I am by myself. It’s pretty obvious even to me that there us probably nil health benefits of this and indeed much health degradation going on.

So why do I keep doing these races if it stuffs me up so much ? That is indeed the question I am pondering as the North Face 100k entries open on Wednesday for next May. In reality I am not going to enter – I know that already as its not just the race (and expense, it’s $360 to enter) but all the long training runs I’d need to do and smaller races – and believe me I need to do them. My trots around the park are good but by no means am I as fit as I’d like to think.

It’s starting to make me question whether I still really even want to do races like six foot  each year or whether I should just move to do other things I enjoy…. I will probably enter six foot later in November and how it pans out. I probably need something to aim at to keep my training honest!

17-Mar-2013 Weekend Activities

Sunday 17 March 2013 Leave a comment

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday morning I ran for 4h 30m with Mikey from work. We started at Garie Beach at 06.30 – it was still dark when we arrived but got light almost instantly. It was a long run to Helensburgh and back in a big loop (map here) and we didn’t kill ourselves with speed. I felt ok but tired at the end when it was very warm. (Photo is of us both at Six Foot Track Marathon in the Blue Mountains).

At home, I had a quick 30min doze on the sofa and a strong coffee, then had to go out and buy Kody school shoes, soccer boots etc and then take Jaz out driving to get her hours up in the evening (taking Dawn to work).

On Sunday I ran down to Burning Palms as I was on Patrol but the beach was closed, grrr, although it was really rough. In the afternoon I ran back up, then went running with Dawn later. Unfortunately as so often happens, we went fast and I was knackered when I got home. A swim in cooler water afterwards was lovely.

I am considering using Instagram to publish photos on my Bangla-Dash run, so was fiddling around with that – here are some I took:

Beach closed at #burningpalms #kevintiller

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#burningpalms big walk to get there but oh so worth it!

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Me & my best mate in post-run euphoria #kevintiller #lovers

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14-Mar-2013 Six Foot Track Marathon Photos

Thursday 14 March 2013 Leave a comment

The Six Foot Track Marathon photos are up now.

The best two I think are these ..

1) taken at the Cox’s River Crossing approx 15.5km in the run. It was very deep with quite a current running.

2) taken at the mini-mini saddle area approx 19km. It is the top of a hill so I am running so slow it looks like a walk !

3) Obviously the further into the run, the worse the photos!! however all mine are listed here :

9-Mar-2013 Six Foot Track!

Saturday 9 March 2013 Leave a comment

Finished my 11th Six Foot Track Marathon today. Very happy with HOW I ran – Picked up from Pluviometer (26km) and screamed thru deviation and on to the finish (45km) overtaking all those people who went past me earlier. However my time was not great due to a slow section between the Cox’s River (15km) to Pluviometer (26km). 6:24.56 total. A good workout test for my Bangladesh run in a few weeks (distance & comfort if not much speed).

Saw lots of people from CoolRunning which was great, so many old friends. Stayed at Sean & Mel’s at Wentworth Falls the night before, with Colin as an extra guest.

Heaps more discussions & comments at the Coolrunning forums, only 2 went to hospital!

Below photo from my phone:


21-Mar-2011 Post Sixfoot Tiredness

Monday 21 March 2011 Leave a comment

I am still really tired, not sure why but I am blaming it on running six foot last weekend. Anyway over the weekend I did the following:

Saturday – got out of bed real late, like 11am. It was raining hard but I went for a swim in the biggish waves. In the afternoon I went to yoga then watched the Black Swan film, and mucked around on the pc and went to bed at 2am – maybe that’s why I’m tired !
Sunday – Got up very late again, 10am or after. Went for a run around Maianbar and thru the mud (it was quite warm & sunny) then dashed off to yoga (again). By the evening I was totally buggered & dehydrated. However I always do better with yoga on the 2nd consecutive day – it’s a bit like running – the more I do the better I get.

5-Sep-2008 Sixfoot

Friday 5 September 2008 Leave a comment

I think the main frame of mind I am in is “yikes I am shitting myself”. We haven’t quite wrapped up 2008 and need to start 2009. We have been looking for a new Race Director, but don’t have one. SO I probably will keep doing it …. but I am also struggling with CR work and can’t see how I can both. I really wonder how on earth I have done it all over the years, before I realise all the time off I took and weekends spent working and late late nights.

At the moment I have cut back and have been living a life. I am really enjoying the non-work side of things – just except the piles of stuff “growing” around me. My running is going well (mainly at the weekends – but a few runs on Bonnie Vale during the week). I had a great run the other night and found some phosphorescence on the water so when you waded it shone like glitter. I ALWAYS run barefoot on the beach now and often run back thru the waves. I always get home high high high as a kite. Its very nourishing. I have also started something that could become (yet another) lifetime project – I am doing some “trail maintenance on loads of tracks, as well as finding out new ones – there are just SO MANY tracks all over the place – I am just having so much fun.

I am also trying to load my docs and cr docs and loco and six foot into google – much easier for other people to pick them up and run with them, and anyway I don’t even use one pc (we have 3 at home) and I use pcs all over.

It’s a bit like a new attitude – cut it all back to the basics – no watch, no gps, no heart rate monitor. I have even dug out some old cotton running tshirts from the 1980s, my shoes have already done more than 1000km. no water bottle even for 3hr+ runs. I just run off and take new tracks no idea where they go – I come out of the bush on hands and knees sometimes. I think it falls into the whole fat ass mindset – just run and have fun, and the fitness will follow. It doesn’t mean I don’t run fast – in fact when the track is good I go as fast as I can (I creamed the missus last weekend – I don’t think she wants to run with me anymore). I know I am getting fit now, but I can’t quite be bothered to run any races. There’s some great tracks here – lots of mud, reminds me of the UK. Also what I call tunnels – its like in the bush but the bush comes over the top of the track and joins over your head – forming a tunnel. Great stuff (you can’t even see the tracks on google satellite maps – you have to go out and find them all).

I have been thinking about running at glasshouse (even mentioned it on my blog), and guess what ? I will be in Brisbane for work on the mon-thurs after the run for a cisco conference. It would be so easy to go up on the friday and do glasshouse, but I have to take one of the kids to homebush for a dance contest on Fri pm, and we have family stuff already lined up for Sat and Sun, and I don’t really want to leave them, I love being with my family. I might try and bunk off the conference and get someone to take me for a run on Mt Cootha as that is quite close to where I am staying I think.

ps shout out to tim – made some date & oat balls – well cool. we replaced the dates also and used apricots and also rolled in dessicated coconut. just like the ones you buy at $2 a pop, except our cost like 20c.

well, we all know that the truth is only known by guttersnipes in any case ….

This was posted on my old blog and I had some comments:

Tim: sad about the Glasshouse but family is better than a race (most of the time).  Hey cool about the balls, I like the extra stuff I think i will make some the Tiller way.

Plu: Kevin have you looked at – not bad functionality compared to google docs.  Just  read about the it last night on Techcrunch.

Brick: Hi Kevin, Again with tim sad about the Glasshouse but I do understand totally.All the same it would of been nice to catch up and if I am lucky I might of been able to keep up with you but after reading this entry maybe not any more. Nice too see you are getting back your running mojo. Since my achilles injury I have really been enjoying just running very very easily it makes such a difference not wanting to go fast all the time.