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2-May-2015 Driving in the rain

Saturday 2 May 2015 Leave a comment

I didn’t have anything planned for today, and was looking forward to a lie in as I had been up early all week. Combined with the rain and wet weather and general speed up of corporate life, I felt like a bedraggled, drowned and wrung out rat. Unfortunately Jaz was going out at 7am to a soccer referee course way over at Norwest, a good 90mins drive away, if you don’t get lost on the way. I awoke at 06.30am and asked if she’d like me to go with her. She said Yes. Grrr. So we left, Jaz driving. We got there in time for her 9am start, and then I went to Kogarah to pick up 2 persimmon trees that Dawn and Jaz had lined up. They were both about 30cm high. Then I went to Ramsgate Farmer’s market for some veggies. Then went to Cronulla to buy some stuff from the health food shop. Had an hour at home (had to go the long way as the weir was flooded). Had a lie down and some fruit then drove out back to pick up Jaz. Unfortunately it was really raining hard and was just miserable. However she is now a fully qualified grade 4 soccer ref. We got home just in time to see Dawn before she went to work. But by then I was buggered and didn’t fancy running and it was too dark to swim.

I cooked dinner and then went to bed early 0930pm. I was lying in bed listening to the rain and frogs thinking how great it all was. Then the phone rank and it was Ko asking if I could go pick her up from a friends place and so I had to go out in the driving rain, again. However when I finally made it back into our warm dry house it was great, and I still made it to bed early. I am trying to get more sleep and find that it’s just great and I love it but rarely make it to be bed early – more times than not it is still 1130pm or later..

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22-Apr-2015 Rain Rain Go Away

Wednesday 22 April 2015 Leave a comment

The newspaper called it the “Storm of the Century” and it was pretty bad. The Weir was closed, obviously, and it was just a crappy day yesterday, so I worked from home as I didn’t have any meetings. Mostly it was just pouring rain and quite cold. I did go out for a run in the afternoon and it felt pretty dangerous as it was also blowing a gale and branches etc were coming down everywhere. Wednesday, today, was even worse, but I just assumed that it couldn’t stay bad for so long (it had started on Monday afternoon). But it was probably even worse, although I did go to work in jeans etc.

Here are some photos.

Charley dog in our back garden:

charley in flood

Audley Weir approx 2m under water:


Footpath near Audley:


The street next to ours. Ours wasn’t so bad:

liverpool st

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