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Monday 25 June 2007 Leave a comment

Well, it felt life got crazy and I fell off the blogging wagon. Actually got sick, the doc said bronchitis and it could well have been. I had a fever then a crazy crazy chest, cough, throat, headaches. even had time off work. just got a bad cough and well dodgy throat left to sort out. needless to say running was a no no. even now a couple of weeks later I still feel short of breath walking up the drive (ok its a monster drive but even so). maybe i am getting older but need to look after myself (better).

I missed the Poor Man’s Comrade’s – good job too given the weather. But I caught the start and some of the runners at the top end of the course. Good job Woodford to Glenbrook was postponed as I doubt I would have made it this weekend. hopefully will be ok by 8th for the re-run. unfortunately the Berowra star is on the same day as glasshouse. bugger, too late to change now, but then i am not sure I will be up for it anyway (I am not on a good streak at the moment). Will be happy if cities and 12 foot come off ok.

So other than the usual I have been reading the guardian a lot. they have some great articles that makes the smh just seem a bit weak by comparison. I have re-tuned the car radio to just get JJJ or FBI. FBI “dump toxic radio”┬áis like a breath of fresh air. commercial radio winds me up something chronic now. listening to Uncle Tupelo. Its meant to be alt country which is a crap descriptor – it’s nothing like country. Also a bit of jeff buckley, he’s ok but a bit maudlin. Also a bunch of guardian podcasts. naturally. Just finished the oral history of punk – great stuff. must expand bandwidth of what I am reading!