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9-Nov-2014 Swim with dolphins

Sunday 9 November 2014 Leave a comment

Dawn was at work today, so I had a quiet morning doing chores, then in the afternoon I kayaked over to the White House, but as I was injured I went for a walk instead of a run. I walked to South Cronulla along the coast path, then went for a swim round the buoy. The sea was quite rough. Amazingly a dolphin swam underneath me. To be honest when I first saw the fin and flash of grey it scared the life out of me. When I looked up I could see it breach the water with it’s fin out – really beautiful once I’d calmed down.

I then got changed and had a coffee at Grind, then walked up to Wanda beach and then back to the White House and kayaked back home. I felt quite sore & tired.

In the evening, I was fiddling around with my new phone, the Samsung Note 4. After Dawn came home I took the first selfie – below.


2-Nov-2014 Summer has arrived figuratively!

Sunday 2 November 2014 Leave a comment

I didn’t do a lot on Saturday.  Up late, chores etc but I did go swimming. It was very hot 35C and quite windy (perfect weather for bush fires, and in fact there was a fire in the Blue Mountains). I swam from the rocks at one end of Hordern’s to the wharf and back. Going was with the wind/waves and not too bad but coming back was very hard – quite a bit of up and down and water in the face. Afterwards at home when I was getting into the hammock on the back deck I had a small globule of water run out of my nose onto the floor – a clear sign summer has arrived and it made me feel very glad! I even walked the dog.

On Sunday I took Ko to soccer tryouts for the reps team. It was hot and lasted 2 hours. She didn’t think she made it. I enjoyed watching.
In the afternoon I kayaked to the white house and left my kayak there and ran to South Cronulla along the esplanade. I could really feel my right knee muscle that’s pulled. It made running quite painful. I swam around the buoy and boy was it rough. It didn’t look like it but in the water it was quite bad. Big sloppy waves. The temp was 19.0C but as I have been in the water a lot recently it felt quite warm. It was certainly good as a tryout for swimming around Shark Island as it is time to start doing that again. I ran back to the Kayak and paddled back home – it was really great although I did get smashed on the shin by the Kayak whilst exiting the water. Needless to say I was stuffed in the evening !

20-May-2012 Sunday Round Up

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Up early for the girl’s soccer at Gymea. They thought it might be called off as it was tipping down with rain here, but old heads guessed that maybe it wasn’t raining in Gymea. Turned out to be true. Jazmin played especially well. Went and had a coffee with them afterwards in  local cafe. Kody was dead keen for some reason to go to Wanda Greenhills and she persuaded the older two to go, except it was raining there by then so we didn’t hang around for too long.

Back home I went back to bed for a couple of hours as I was tired !!

In the afternoon I went for a standup paddleboard and swim. It was very beautiful – saw a rainbow, and there were threatening clouds, but the sun was trying to come out. There were no real waves or wind so it was very pleasant – I went over to Darook Park near Cronulla. Had a quick swim afterwards – the water is strting to feel a bit nippy but would have to be approx 18C I think.

Reading the paper this evening there was an interesting article that I enjoyed : How to live without regrets :

Top regrets of the dying

  • “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”.
  • “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard”.
  • “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings”.
  • “I wish I’d stayed in touch with my friends”.
  • “I wish I had let myself be happier”.

When your time is up, will you be happy with the life you’ve lived? It’s time to make those changes now.

If you are not familiar with the term “bucket list“, it refers to a list of the things you would like to do before you die (kick the bucket). But do people who are dying think about whether or not they have done these things or might they have a deeper agenda: a bucket list of the soul, perhaps? “Non, je ne regrette rien“(“No, I regret nothing”). So went the words to a popular French song sung by Edith Piaf in the 1960s. If we were to imagine our last days, would we be able to say the same thing? Or would we have regrets about how we lived our lives?

Some may think it is morbid to dwell on death, but it is actually extremely life-affirming. Death puts things into perspective. It makes us think about what is really important in life. When something is going to end we begin to appreciate it. So, again, if your life were to end, would you have regrets about how you lived?

Palliative care nurses tend to people in their last stage of life and they are in the unique position of being able to talk with patients who may be confronting what life has meant to them. One of these nurses, Bronnie Ware, wrote a blog, then a book, called The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying (Hay House), about her experiences. She found that people did indeed have regrets before they died and these had little to do with their bucket lists. Ware discovered the dying have five common regrets. If we were to take heed of these regrets, we would have a head start in life. We can deal with the issues now, so we don’t end up with the same regrets when it is our turn to kick the bucket.

Be true to yourself

Ware found the most common regret of dying people was not being true to themselves. Many of us care too much about what others think and let society’s expectations influence us, when we have the freedom to make our life what we want it to be. If you were truly yourself, what would you be like? What would your heart be telling you to do? What would bring meaning to your life? Try making a list of small changes you could make that would head you in the direction of more authentic self-expression.

Work less

So many people work themselves to exhaustion, yet Ware found that many of the dying wished they hadn’t done so. They were from a generation where men were the breadwinners, but now that women work just as much they too are at risk of missing out on other important things in life. Do you let a stifling work culture dictate priorities in your life? Have the courage to tell yourself you want something better. Then begin the search. It might take time but it will be worth it.

Express your feelings

I have lost count of how many people have owned up to me about never speaking up because they “want to keep the peace” and they “don’t want to make waves”. Others don’t do so because they are afraid of the feelings it might unlock in them. But this is a damaging way to live. Ware found many of the dying regretted not having spoken up in life. They feared others’ reactions and this kept them mute. Ultimately, though, they would much rather have said something.

In reality, there is little risk if you speak up. It can help you move through difficulties and if someone doesn’t like what you have to say, you don’t need to stay in a relationship with such a person. If the person responds, you are on the way to creating a healthier relationship. You also rid yourself of the resentment and bitterness that might otherwise contribute to ill health.

Keep close to friends

A busy lifestyle can see friendships drop by the wayside, but Ware discovered that when people are dying they really begin to appreciate the relationships they had. However, they are too ill to do anything about it by then. So make time to keep in touch with people. You won’t regret it!

Let go

The dying told Ware they wished they had let themselves be happier in life. Instead, they had limited themselves by trying to keep up appearances and by ensuring life was comfortable and controlled. But our comfort zone is not necessarily an enjoyable place. We need to step out every so often and take a risk. When was the last time you were silly? What would make you laugh more? Whatever it is, let it into your life more often.

Be guided by love

The theme of all the regrets Ware encountered is love, especially self-love. This does not mean selfishness. On the contrary, it means taking responsibility for creating the circumstances of a loving life. Do you make decisions based on duty, finances or other people’s rules or is love, including self-love, the fundamental principle for how you live? Each of these things leads to a particular quality of life. And the message from the dying is loud and clear: stay in touch with love and there will be less to regret later. Maybe then you too.

16-Jul-2011 Best. Workout. Ever.

Saturday 16 July 2011 Leave a comment

After Kody’s soccer & visit to Ramsgate Organic Markets & Pet Shop blah blah, I felt like I needed a bit of me time. So approx 2pm I kayaked to Cronulla and ran to greenhills where I did as bunch of pushups, balances on balance bar, pull ups, monkey bars, dips etc – I am getting stronger in my upper body was was massively outclassed by some of the other people there.

Then I ran back to South Cronulla and went for a swim almost to The Point. The water felt cold but the sign said 17.3C. It said there were some rips and it was obvious when I stepped into the water, pulling this way and that. However the swim was great but had to time it well when landing back on the beach due to big waves and weird rips., then ran back to where the kayak was and kayak back home.

I was very cold and had to have a warm shower to re0vitalise – overall took 2 hrs exactly – perfect time – not too short, not too long, but so many sports – I was on a bit of high (when collapsed on the sofa). Needless to say, after I had dinner I just zonked out.

5-Apr-2011 Crawling home & Sunday capers

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Whilst my kids do the usual kid things, learning to swim, dance, other lessons etc they have never done team sports, ever. Until this term – aged 9, 13 and 15 they all decided to take up soccer, so my saturday and sunday mornings are bung with watching, ferrying kids etc. this places a strain on my own sporting activities – Saturday I missed the Bushies run at Helensburgh and Sunday I wanted to do the Stanwell Park swim, or even the run with coolrunners in the RNP

oh well the kids are only kids for a very short period of time.

After soccer and a visit to miranda to buy bras, I managed to get home and go for a standup paddle. It was a hot day and I paddled from near the Ferry wharf to Jibbon beach – hard work as the tide was coming in and it got a bit choppy further out. Had a quick swim at Jibbon then back again. I am definitely getting much better now – can go all the way out and back without falling off, unless the waves are big (more than a metre) or the wind is blowing a gale. Can even surf right up onto the beach and just step off the board.

Back home I went out for a run (90mins) along a track I had discovered last year, unfortunately I lost the way a littler and ended up crawling out thru the bush on my hands and knees then run back along the road. By the time I got home I was well and truly stuffed. Got home about 10mins before it got dark and just had time for a quick dip in the sea. Slept like a baby.

I backed up nicely this morning (Monday) but getting up at 5am and making it over to Cronulla for my first 6.30 swim for a few weeks, since the end of daylight savings it is light again – big swell and lots of chop around Shark Island. 22.2C in the water.

ps this post composed whilst listening to the return of Big Audio Dynamite

27-Jun-2010 To Cronulla

Sunday 27 June 2010 Leave a comment

I had been thinking for a while about sitting on my stand up board and paddling it with a kayak paddle. I went out this afternoon to Cronulla – actually round Shark Island. Wow – within 5mins my thighs were killing me – I guess sitting at 90 degrees places certain strains. Anyway I eventually made it to Shark Island but the waves/swell were pretty big there, like 1m-2m. I just went round the island one way. I was supposed to be back in time to go to Yoga but realised the tide was with me on the way and I’d never make it back in time going against the tide (if I made it home at all). I pulled into Cronulla (and rode the wave like a pro!!!) and called home (remember this 1800-REVERSE). Predictably when I suggested Dawn pick up up with my board she told me to f-off and I walked it back to the white house – like miles and miles away- and I was really cactus and just paddled home from there. I was totally stuffed by the time I got home. (I had swum 1km earlier in the day also).


23-May-2010 Paddle Board

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I went for a cold-ish swim for 1km in Sutherland Pool whilst Kody was having her lesson, then went for another km at Hordern’s beach. I paddled the stand-up board from Bundeena to Darook Park, Cronulla. I only fell in once on the way back. I decided to wear my wetsuit so it was ok in the water. The really cool thing was that I surfed right up onto the beach without falling off, then just stepped off the board without falling in. I was sooo impressed!

16-May-2010 Regular weekend

Sunday 16 May 2010 Leave a comment

Took Kody to her swimming lesson and swam 1km in 20mins. the outside pool was getting a it nippy (at 25C !). At home went for stand-up paddle – definitely getting better – then a bit more swimming whilst Jaz and Chel went out. Then went for a 9km run. Yep my calf seems fixed now and I actually ran well for a change.

15-May-2010 This is The Sea

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I got up late and was walking the dog, Charley, when I met a guy who asked if I’d been swimming yet as the tide was very high. I hadn’t even been to the beach but from the wharf I could see – big waves, ferry cancelled. Rushed home and got the board out. Totally wiped out even just trying to get the board past the breaking waves on Hordern’s beach. Gouged out part of my shin on a wipeout. Eventually make it up and round the point. I wanted to catch the bay surf but the wind was strong going one way, the tide another and the waves another so that it was just hard work. Lots of stand up paddlers and regular surfers all the way down at Bonnie Vale.

It just made me think of the waterboys  – this is the sea ! Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean!

Anyway I fell of a couple of times and just kneel/paddled the rest of the way in to Bonnie Vale and carried my board home – I was just too inexperienced to go with the big boys. I felt like a little kid but they have probably been doing it 20yrs+. It was pretty wild. Remember the phrase “do something that scares you each day”? well I certainly did it today.


9-May-2010 Weekend Exercise

Sunday 9 May 2010 Leave a comment

I went for the greatest swim to Bonnie Vale and back on Saturday, approx 1hr. Very clear water, very warm. loads of fish, big small, blue, silvery etc. Even though the summer is over the water was still 20C+. Went for a kayak/Stand up paddle with Dawn, Jazmin and then a swim on the beach incl Chelsea. Jazmin was very impressive in her balancing. Dawn barely had the nerve to stand upright, and certainly not paddle anywhere! Then Yoga. And a run.

Sunday swimming, more paddling but the sea was very choppy still I didn’t fall in. I also sold my spot in the North Face 100k as I had missed too much training with my calf. I think the calf is better, but I do have an issue with my bum, muscle in leg. Steve Bodnar reckons I might have torn the hammy off the bone. It sounds a bit dramatic but the symptoms are eerily similar to his. I think I did it during Yoga. It only hurts driving the car or sitting down for a long time eg on the train or at work.

2-My-2010 Paddle Bay Surf

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I went for a standup paddle to Bonnie Vale and even caught a few (small) waves – I never fell off !! The scary thing was coming back thru the waves. Definitely my balance is getting better!


1-May-2010 A Perfect Day

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On Saturday I:

  • Got up late (11am)
  • Walked the dog
  • Went for a run – 6km – along Bonnie Vale (my favourite). Calf felt better
  • Went for a swim – 1km from Hordern’s Beach (lots of fish)
  • Went for a stand-up paddle, with Kids, and swim at beach
  • Went to Bikram Yoga
  • Cooked dinner & went to bed, tired & satisfied

That’s pretty much all I ever wanted to do with my life …

It was just icing on the top that the weather was warm & sunny also.

26-Apr-2010 Standup Paddle Board

Monday 26 April 2010 Leave a comment

I have been thinking about it for a while but I finally bought a stand up paddle board (12foot 1inch) from these guys. I have hired one from the Bundeena Kayak guys just round the corner ($30 per hour). I guess buying one ($900 – well cheap) is going to pay off in the long run.