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22-Nov-2014 A Busy Saturday

Saturday 22 November 2014 Leave a comment
I was up early this morning to drive and pick up Dawn from work at 7am (it’s a good one hour drive). She went by train but didn’t want to come back by train as there was trackwork and she didn’t want to drive on the Friday night as that is a busy time to cross the city.
We stopped off at Ramsgate farmers market on the drive back as that was just opened – we always like it there, one of the few places you can get fresh turmeric root.
At home I did a few chores then drove to Newtown for the 12noon Jivamukti yoga class. Afterwards (by now very hot) I went to the Sadhana cafe just up the road in Enmore. Raw, vegan and the very bet smoothies I have ever tasted in the whole wide world!! Then I drove to the Cornersmith cafe & picklery – it’s the first time I had ever been there. Pretty good and bought some pickles. Afterwards, sort of one the way home, I stopped for a swim at Cronulla. Yes was very tired by the time I got home maybe 5pm.
Photos of graffiti in Newtown:

19-Oct-2014 Sunday night is date night

Sunday 19 October 2014 Leave a comment

I got up really late again … is this normal on a Sunday? Did some chores, went for a walk to Jibbon beach after finding all the bikes had flat tyres, and then had a swim. Came back for a quick breakfast abut 2pm and then went to yoga with Dawn.

We were both stuffed afterwards but went to Newtown and had a coffee. Actually Dawn had a coffee and I had a hot ginger and lemon. One of the advantages of having teenaged kids is we can leave them we we go out on a date.

Then we went to “Lentil As Anything“, it’s a vegan restaurant where the menu doesn’t have any prices, you just pay as you like. They only do a limited number of dishes, the waitress had a hand-scrawled note with 3 dishes on – an Indian plate, a Thai plate and a chick-pea tomato dish, I had the indian and Dawn the chick peas. it was awesome. But they had me at “would you like a soy chai before you sit down … ” Just my sort of place, a bit grungy but super great. As Dawn said “we’ll be back”.


Photos I took on my walk :






28-May-2013 Jello Biafra Gig

Tuesday 28 May 2013 Leave a comment

jelloI was reading the newspaper (Sun Herald) last Sunday and saw that Jello Biafra was in town doing a spoken word tour, so I bought a ticket for today, Tuesday. I bought some of the first 7inch singles that came out in the UK many years ago, so have a soft spot for the Dead Kennedy‘s. I have even had some of the downloaded Jello Biafra spoken word concerts and they are ok – he is quite an angry green-leaning person with many politics the same as mine.

From the theatre website :

Returning to Australia for his first band shows since 1983, former Dead Kennedy’s frontman Jello Biafra has now added a handful of talking shows to his extended schedule.

Entitled What Would Jello Do?, the talking shows follow on from Biafra’s you tube series of the same name in commenting on contemporary political issues, democracy, government conspiracy and cover ups, election fraud – the type of banter Jello is notorious for telling and for which he’s an excellent orator.

Anyway, Tuesday was a bit abnormal as I had to take Kody to the dentist in the morning and it was lunchtime by the time I got to work, then afterwards I went by train to Newtown and walked down the Enmore Road to the theatre. The gig was good, although quite a bit about US politics (maybe not so surprising…).

I took an incredibly bad photo here:


Afterwards I walked back to Newtown to the station, and eventually got home at almost 1am.

5-May-2013 Weekend, mainly sport

Sunday 5 May 2013 Leave a comment

On Friday evening I left work at 5pm and caught the train to Newtown to do a handstand class:

It was a good class, 40 odd people. Beforehand I could do a headstand against a wall (with only 1 attempt so didn’t look like a total twat), but handstands were something I have never been able to do. After the class I can definitely do a handstand against a wall but need a bit more practise doing it away from a wall. not too bad for an old geezer.

Saturday was kids soccer in the morning then I took Ko to Miranda to buy a birthday present then took her to a party/sleepover in Maianbar. I was going running but went for a swim in the sun whilst it was still daylight. I finally went running at gone 5pm, along Lady Carrington drive, 20-odd km. Most of it in the dark with a torch. I felt I went quite quick and was stuffed at the finish.

Sunday morning – pick up Ko then go to Caringbah to watch Jaz’ soccer. Then went for a swim. Then went running. I wanted to go further but took a shorter route and was out for 2hrs.

Made a Japanese miso soup for us all for Sunday dinner. Very tired!

28-Apr-2013 Weekend Sport

Sunday 28 April 2013 Leave a comment

On Friday, still on day off from work, I did a longish swim in preparation for Sunday’s Shark Island 2.3km swim at Cronulla, then I ran for an hour then went to Newtown with the Advanced yoga folk and did a Jivamukti class. It was a great workout and I felt sore and tired afterwards. There were 6 of us and we had a Thai meal in Enmore afterwards. Home at 11.30pm

Saturday was soccer for Chelsea and Kody and we left home at something like 10am and got back at 3.30pm. It was hot so we were all tired. Both kids lost like 10-0 and 10-2. wow. In the evening when it was dark I went out and ran approx 90mins in the dark with a torch thru the bush as part of my 100km training, only 3 weeks to go.

Sunday I woke up and felt sick so skipped the swim and went to watch Jazmin play for the Cronulla Seagulls. She played very well and we were very proud of her. Back home and feeling better I swam a decent swim then went for a run. Then felt buggered but it was ok as we had a family meal together.

13-Oct-2012 Cronulla & Newtown

Saturday 13 October 2012 Leave a comment

I found this draft post on my computer for today:

  • Shark island swim at Cronulla – water temp was 16.2C – as always it was fantastic
  • Coffee at Grind – double xpresso and a soy piccolo
  • Then drove to Newtown and had a look at the shops, bought a book from a 2nd stall at the market – George Michael biog.
  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • Went to the Vegetarian butcher and bought some sausages to try!
  • Drove home and went running
  • totally stuffed but that counts as a great day!

31-Dec-2011 New Year’s Eve

Saturday 31 December 2011 Leave a comment

Kids were up earlyish again as it was the last day of Surfing in Cronulla. I drove them round and was going to run the Sand Dunes at Wanda but insted went for a coffee at Grind and a look around the bookshop. I bought this book : India Calling. Then walked along the coast path and met Tall Geoff Evison from CoolRunning and then immediately afterwards, Claudio from work. Small World.

The Kids enjoyed the surfing and seem to be quite proficient now (unlike me!!). Me and Kody had some Sushi and Pete/Chelsea had a Subway for lunch. We went home and had a quiet couple of hours. Went to the beach.

We headed out for the evening about 6.30pm to pick up Chelsea’s friend Tabitha but typical Chelsea didn’t arrange a time or a place and didn’t take her phone number. We eventually caught up after ringing her Mum and went to Cronulla but the Guzman Y Gomez there was shut (wtf!), so we drove straight to Newtown to see the 9pm fireworks from Sydney Park Hill. We got there approx 8.30pm so the timing was good. The fireworks were ok.

We then walked into Newtown and went to eat at a Thai Restaurant – we were all starving by then. Luckily it wasn’t far to the railway station where we eventually got on a train to Milson’s Point, dealt with the usual dilemma of kids wanting to go pee. It was quite different than before as there were massive fences everywhere herding people in one direction. We got a decent spot by about 11.45pm. Great timing.

The fireworks were good, but we were probably the wrong side of the harbour bridge. There was a massive crush getting back onto the train, but we made it eventually, the kids were pretty good. We eventually got back to the car at close to 2am, and cam home just stopping for petrol and the kids to get a slurpee from 7/11, eventually getting home approx 3.20am. Pretty much went straight to sleep, after deciding NOT to get up at 04.30 for the Beyond the Black Stump run on New Year’s Day.


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22-Sep-2008 Rapture

Monday 22 September 2008 Leave a comment

I got up “not early” on Saturday and did stuff around the house, can’t remember what. oh yes posted some loco shoes (walk along the beach). it was a hot day and lots of people on MY beach.

Went for a kayak with the missus to bonnie vale – it was great to get out, but after we went past Gunnamatta headland the wind was blowing quite hard, so we headed to the beach. picked up litter whilst we were kayaking – most from the boats at bonnie vale for sure. wankers. got back to hordern’s in quite big waves, dawn lost her nerve and bailed before the waves broke so I swam out and paddled it in.

Later in the afternoon I ran (started approx 4.20pm as was fiddling around with ipod – first time used in approx a month), it was still hot, humid and no breeze. I wanted to run to wattamolla and back. As I was going up a hill you get this view to marley and across to wattamolla – got there just as rapture by blondie (a remixed version) was playing (hence the title for this post) – I was on quite a high.

At wattamolla I went for a quick dip – brrrr. the sun was going down. I also drank for the tap that says quite emphatically “do not drink from this tap – water unsafe” or words to that effect. I got back to marley as the sun went down – very beautiful indeed. I ran well and got into a good zone – even running in the dark, no torch. I got home approx 7.30pm – had been dark for about an hour. I was very thirsty/dry – didn’t take a drink. I went for a quick dip on hordern’s beach. like ran in, went underwater and ran out.

Sunday I got up lateish and sorted some shoes out as we are selling Loco shoes thru John Hill’s shop at Bondi Beach. I was dropping off his stock at 2pm. After that I went to Newtown to look at Futon frames and bought some chai and veggie sausages from a health food store as the kids wanted a bbq tonight.

Read the posts on coolrunning about the sydney marathon/half. it would have been good to run but couldn’t be arsed.