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23-May-2015 Beatles!

Saturday 23 May 2015 Leave a comment

beatlesI had just been running this afternoon, and was just about to hop into the shower when John down the road knocked on my door and gave me two free tickets to see the Bootleg Beatles this very evening. I would have to leave home about 6.30pm and it was already gone 4pm. Unfortunately Dawn and the kids decided they wouldn’t bother and friends I contacted couldn’t do it at the last minute so I went by myself.

The Theatre was really cool and had only been renovated about 6 years ago .. very 1920s, lots of carpet, wood, chandeliers etc. The other people were from that era too .. I felt like I was one of the youngest people there!

The Beatles music was the soundtrack to my life and about 45 years after the originals last played a gig together it was a weird feeling indeed. Quite a spiritual moment and certainly proving that old stuff still has a place in the world… the Bootleg Beatles may not be the originals but to a large crowd of people in Anita’s Theatre at Thirroul thought they were certainly close enough. I really enjoyed it.


2-Nov-2013 The Clash – Interview

Saturday 2 November 2013 Leave a comment

I finally got around to listening to the recent interview from early September with the remaining members of the Clash. Brought a tear to my eye a few times, but well worth listening to. Makes me realise that it’s a big part of me and my history. “I wanna riot … a riot of my own

Interesting that although it’s on Youtube it’s audio only with a static image on the centre of the 7-inch single of “White Man in Hemmersmith Palais”. I used to have that exact single (the “b” side is “The Prisoner”).

Cerys Matthews hosts an audience with The Clash at the legendary Maida Vale studios. Cerys and an audience of 6 Music listeners chat to Mick Jones, Topper Headon and Paul Simonon.
In this exclusive, intimate and very special interview the band talk candidly about their career and affection for the late singer Joe Strummer. The surviving members reveal some of their long held secrets such as how they recorded the end of “I Fought The Law” in a public toilet, also telling Cerys that some of the sounds on “Guns of Brixton” were made by the band pulling bits of velcro apart in the recording studio.
Recorded in the Bing Crosby studio at Maida Vale on September 6th, around 150 6 Music listeners successfully gained a place to be in the audience and were able to pose questions to the band.
During the show Cerys is also joined by Johnny Green, the Clash’s tour manager from 1977-1980, who tells some brilliant anecdotes about his time on the road with the band.

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24-Oct-2013 One Direction concert

Thursday 24 October 2013 Leave a comment

I took Kody and her friend Aimee to see One Direction at Homebush. We only just managed to get the tickets almost 18months ago as all the concerts sold out so quickly (I think 6 in total) and even then our tickets were supposed to be obscured view but were actually quite fine. I must confess I don’t like 1D at all and the plan was to get one of her older sisters to go in with her, but it turns out that even a free concert ticket was not bribe enough so I went myself.

I would say that 95% of the people were Under-18 year old girls with the rest beign a few parents. I met the kids in Sutherland after work and then we drove to Lidcombe and took the shuttle train.

The concert was actually much better than I imagined and although I don’t really care for the band, there did give a good show and worth the $80 a ticket. I did like it when they played a few covers that I knew ie One Way or another/Teenage Kicks (One Direction version), Originally by The Undertones and Blondie. I had both those records as a kid! They also did a good version of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. These covers had a much angrier guitar sound and I suspect that if they moved away from the very twee pop they would get a bit more critical acclaim.

Anyway the girls were over the moon and it was all a dream come true. We didn’t get home until gone midnight and I was glad to finally get to bed although my ears were still ringing from the music AND the screaming !


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28-May-2013 Jello Biafra Gig

Tuesday 28 May 2013 Leave a comment

jelloI was reading the newspaper (Sun Herald) last Sunday and saw that Jello Biafra was in town doing a spoken word tour, so I bought a ticket for today, Tuesday. I bought some of the first 7inch singles that came out in the UK many years ago, so have a soft spot for the Dead Kennedy‘s. I have even had some of the downloaded Jello Biafra spoken word concerts and they are ok – he is quite an angry green-leaning person with many politics the same as mine.

From the theatre website :

Returning to Australia for his first band shows since 1983, former Dead Kennedy’s frontman Jello Biafra has now added a handful of talking shows to his extended schedule.

Entitled What Would Jello Do?, the talking shows follow on from Biafra’s you tube series of the same name in commenting on contemporary political issues, democracy, government conspiracy and cover ups, election fraud – the type of banter Jello is notorious for telling and for which he’s an excellent orator.

Anyway, Tuesday was a bit abnormal as I had to take Kody to the dentist in the morning and it was lunchtime by the time I got to work, then afterwards I went by train to Newtown and walked down the Enmore Road to the theatre. The gig was good, although quite a bit about US politics (maybe not so surprising…).

I took an incredibly bad photo here:


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Afterwards I walked back to Newtown to the station, and eventually got home at almost 1am.

8-Apr-2013 Out & About in Dhaka

Tuesday 9 April 2013 Leave a comment

Today was a hartal day meaning most things are stopped, closed and all messed up. This is now becoming a routine.

We met the Canadians (Lauren, Tina & Everett) at the coffee shop. It’s kind cool that there is no street frontage and has a “you have to know where it is vibe”. Then we headed off to the international school where Chris and Lauren teach. It is a bloody great school. Very impressive.  I guess it should be as the local students pay $20k a year. You would imagine they would go on to become the country’s elite.

From there we walked to the Solmaid Community School. This was in a slum area just a few minutes walk around the corner. It was hot! This school recived half of the money Marc & Chris raised last year (I donated money to here). The school opened at the end of January this year.

There were 3 classes in full flight and they have a morning session from 8-11am and an afternoon session from 12-3pm. They were expecting us.

After this we went back and then out to the American Club pool for a few hours.

In the evening,  I got picked up by Al (also Canadian)  and we went byhis electrified rickshaw to a Korean Restaurant.  It was pretty good although quite spicy. I wasn’t the only vego. Then we kicked on to the English club, the Bagia, as the Canadians planned to meet an english teacher Martin. He was a pretty good bloke. Of course the music on the jukebox was totally stellar, lots of The Clash, Jam, The Stones, Human League, Eddy Grant – I swear I knew all the words to all the songs. When everyone at the bar started singing to “Going Underground” I just felt like joining in. I got the 7″ the day that came out!

I got home about midnight.





On hearing the news about Margaret Thatcher dying at the english place, all I could think of was this Thatchera-era song which summed up so much of those times and stirred up so many memories:

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22-Sep-2012 Good Saturday

Saturday 22 September 2012 Leave a comment

After doing my chores, including shopping, I went swimming at South Cronulla. The temp was 16.6C and felt cold for sure, but warmer than Bundeena. It felt so long since being in proper waves again (as Bundeena wher eI have been swimming all winter is very sheltered). I am quite keen to start going with the morning groups at Cronulla again, 7.30am is ok at the weekend but 6.30am is a bit hard core for mid-week! It was very sunny and perfect, although they are rebuilding the South Cronulla prom so it looked like a building site.

After I got home I walked to Maianbar and waded across to the Spit as it was nearly low tide (so only knee deep). A good day all up, just sorting out hordes of teenage kids in the house and doing the ironing !

Playlist in the car today was:

It probably shows my age as the release dates were (in order) 1975, 1980, 1978.

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18-Jul-2012 Bullshit Detector

Wednesday 18 July 2012 Leave a comment

Whilst trawling the internet I often come across something that strikes a chord with me, and moves me, and tonight was one such occasion. I found this film about the Bullshit Detector series of albums released by Crass. Its 16minutes long and well worth watching and best explains what Bullshit Detector is all about. Its more than just the music. 10 times more. There is even a facebook page.

If you watch the movie then you will have an inkling that it was special records coming at at a special time. All the people interviewed are just like me!

For myself, I was 16 and just finished my ‘O’ levels and took the bus to Liverpool for a week to stay with my same-age cousin. London to Liverpool via Birmingham was a big deal for a small kid in those days. My cousin John had lots of Crass stuff, and the Bullshit Detector records. It was like pure Gold and I spent days reading the record covers, playing the songs and of course going  to Probe records in Liverpool. Those were the days ….