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5-Nov-2013 Results of October challenge

Tuesday 5 November 2013 Leave a comment

The results of my October challenge are here. The aim was to do some sport each day before work/breakfast to make use of the best time of the day. No minimum on the activity just get out there and do something!

I scored 15 days out of 31 – could do better! As always I went in fits and starts. Keen at the start of the month but then crashed and burnt out with tiredness and so missed a heap of days. The issue was is that I was still running, yoga, gym etc so getting home late and I need to get up earlier to do exercise and end up in the classic “burning the candle at both ends” which just does not work, at least in the long term.

For November I plan to do the washing up every night before I go to bed. Also swim once a week round Shark Island at Cronulla.

After a few days I realised I didn’t mention anything about washing up, but most times I will do that, now and again I won’t. Of course doing the washing up at night in general means going to bed later so still a risk of crashing & burning!

5-Oct-2013 Creating Routines

Saturday 5 October 2013 Leave a comment

The update on my October challenge, (to do some exercise each morning before I go to work (during the week) or before I do anything else (at the weekend). What exercise or how much of it of course doesn’t really matter – it’s really about trying to kickstart the daily habit), is that Tues (first day of October and a day off work) was easy. Weds (at work), I was too tired and didn’t do anything !

Thursday I did get up at 0630am and went for a run (out the door by about 0645) the earliest quite some considerable time, but the run was very short and I was very stiff. Friday was better and I ran to Jibbon beach.

Saturday and Sunday were better, the run was about 50mins and the swim at Jibbon beach was about 10 mins. Jibbon is one of the cleanest waters in Sydney (the annual report of all beaches proves it) and I just love the deep and clean water.

I have loved the last few days and would like to do this ongoing. In fact I would be very happy to do this. IT’s clear I need a routine as per the old days when I used to run with Bruce at 6am each morning in Berowra. We used to smash out 90mins each morning – no wonder I got so fit.

As I am trying to get into the running habit and writing habit, it was great to read this article in the Guardian. It has some great tips and is endlessly fascinating (and just shows the great articles coming from that great media company).

29-Sept-2013 Results of September Challenge

Sunday 29 September 2013 1 comment

As my challenge for Sept was a weekly challenge it ended today, Sunday 29th. The aim was run 3x a week, yoga 3x a week, swim in the sea 3x a week and got to the gym 3x a week. You can see my results here.

Dawn thought it was a typically silly Kevin challenge ie too hard and I wouldn’t be able to do it and would run myself into the ground. To be honest I think that was the point !! I missed two sessions, the first week and the second week and then 5 the 3rd and 4th weeks. I knew I crashed and burned on both of the last two weeks.

Interesting that from the August challenge my eating has not slipped back (maybe that’s why upping the exercise was extra hard work).

For October my aim is to do some exercise each morning before I go to work (during the week) or before I do anything else (at the weekend). What exercise or how much of it of course doesn’t really matter – it’s really about trying to kickstart the daily habit.

Sunday I felt very stuffed still with a headache even after a 12hr sleep (until gone 10am this morning). In the afternoon I went to Gymea health food shop with Dawn to get some Tamari, Sauerkraut and almonds, then went for a run to Yenabilli by Maianbar and then a swim in medium-large waves at Hordern’s.

Dawn went to yoga at 6pm so I made dinner – lentils in sauce & brown rice, Jaz made a spinach & avaocado salad and we did some pasta for silly little girls who say they don’t like lentils! Bed early-ish but still around 11pm.

1-Sept-2013 Results of August Challenge

Sunday 1 September 2013 Leave a comment

During August I started doing a challenge – I mentioned it briefly here previously.

I am keeping a tick list for each day on the wall by my desk to track :

  • no packaged breakfast cereal (usually smoothie)
  • no chips (usually my post-yoga salty treat)
  • no chocolate (usually a nibble late at night)
  • no butter or yogurt (sometimes when snacking)
  • no bread or pasta (I used to have too much and felt bloated – prefer to cut down the bulk and go for better nutrient quality)
  • sport/sweat once a day (create a better DAILY habit)

Here are the results:

As you can see it was pretty successful. I specifically chose it to be HARD and so that I might even fail. I think on average I had one slip up a week.

In September I want to continue with another challenge – this time I will try and go 3 ocean swims a week, 3 runs a week, 3 yoga classes a week and 3 times at the gym a week !