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14-Mar-2015 Six Foot – Not this year

Saturday 14 March 2015 Leave a comment

Today would have been my 13th Six Foot Track Marathon but I was injured so I couldn’t run. It’s a bit like a ritual going up to the Blue Mountains each March at the tail end of summer. I have been up there most years since 1991 (a long time now!) However I didn’t go up there to watch this year … I hate watching.

There is a meme about people running a “sicko” time at Six Foot and it sprung from a Tshirt had made about my pb on the course .. not really an elite time but certainly a great yardstick for a reasonable runner.

The Six Foot organisers posted this on Facebook : [link]

The Six Foot Sicko: 4 hrs 11:05
by Kevin Tiller. Race Director 2001 – 2009

Ultimately the sicko “benchmark” was due to a Tshirt I had made – see attached photo. This was in 2006. I was race director from 2001 and each year many people would remark “you put so much effort into the race have you ever run it yourself or ever thought of running it ?” I had actually run it approx 7 or 8 times between 1991 and 1999, once finishing in 8th place and once in 9th place. My pb was 4.11.05 set in 1994 when I came 9th. I thought it would be a good idea to have a shirt made with my pb on to show that I was a sixfoot runner. Because at the time I was putting a lot into the race in terms of time but also digging out some of the history, organising training runs ete, I just tacked on “six foot sicko” onto the shirt. I then wore it each year at the race and people just started to use that as a target for the keen runner (at the time I had a marathon pb of 2hrs 49mins so a sub-4hr sixfoot is only achievable by the super human. 4hr 11mins is a tad easier. It’s interesting that today a 9th place finish you would need a run A LOT quicker … but then 1994 only had 257 finishers! times change.


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31-Dec-2014 New Year’s Eve

Wednesday 31 December 2014 Leave a comment

Another New Year’s Eve. I dropped Dawn off at the station as she was working, so we left home at 5.10am. Not a good start but other than a swim with all 3 girls I haven’t done much. I like it like that. I am meeting Dawn as she comes home later tonight and we will go out then.

My resolutions for the coming year ? In general I think I have improved myself over the last few years. But here’s my main aims :

  • Drink more water – I probably don’t drink enough. I don’t drink cordials or sugary fizzy drinks and drink just an average amount of coffee. But sometimes I am more dehydrated than I should be.1
  • Drink less alcohol – as it happens I drink very little alcohol, as in the past year I probably had 20 standard drinks over the whole year spread reasonably across the year (a bit more in the December social season). However I really dislike drinking and I usually feel like crap even after one drink. I would be totally teetotal other than I only drink to fit in at social occasions and should just have the balls to say “no”.
  • Running consistently – When I get back to running, I want to aim at consistency and probably fewer races as I think that a lower level mileage and big races is contributing to me getting injured. Certainly when you can’t run, you would trade all the races in the world to just be able to run injury-free again. The simple pleasures in life!

Anyway here is an article I clipped from last year, which got me thinking most of this year about drinking less. Not that I was ever like this, but I like being hard-core about stuff like this.

Sobering night out highlights the horrors of our lushy lifestyle

Like a great slab of the population of Australia, I got rotten this festive season. I’m talking wobbly in my heels, slurring and gibbering sloshed. And while I thought I was having fun at the time, I wonder in hindsight whether I really was.

I certainly know I wasn’t the morning after, when I was woken by a stranger who had crashed on my couch, asking me to let her out of the locked front door. When I couldn’t find my handbag – which I hoped still held my keys – in any of the usual places, my new friend/couch surfer said I should retrace my steps after coming home. But I couldn’t. It was all a blur.

Eventually the bag was found under a pile of jackets that didn’t belong to me. They were next to several half-empty bottles of wine and a dishevelled display of empty beer cans. It seems I had hosted an after-party to the Christmas bash I had attended. Which was very generous of me, considering I couldn’t instantly recall who the guests were.

Some might laugh hearing this, others simply zone out because it’s the same old thing they hear day after day. The reality is that right now, there are literally thousands of Australians recalling how wasted they were last night, believing their excess to be amusing. But here’s the sad fact: it just isn’t.

I don’t think it’s funny I lost count of how many shots I downed on my recent night out. I don’t think it’s humorous that someone I barely knew slept on my lounge – it was reckless and dangerous to allow it. And I don’t think it’s in any way a laugh that I couldn’t immediately recall getting home.

I’m also sure that in all of the gibber I no doubt spouted there was little that would have been relevant or interesting. And I don’t think for one minute that I would have looked chic with panda eyes, Joker lipstick, red-wine teeth and bird’s-nest hair, looking and smelling like I’d just stepped out of a skip.

I could say I’m too old to act this way, but that’s irrelevant. No one looks good smashed – no one. I don’t care how young, pretty, handsome, affluent or intelligent – all drunks are the same: ugly.

I say this because since my big night, I have been abstaining from drinking – well, OK, limiting myself to safe driving levels of consumption. And oh, what a bloodshot red eye-opener it has been.

Take, for example, a pre-Christmas catch-up with dear friends this week. After struggling to find a park, I had to walk several blocks to the restaurant. It was 7pm and already I saw young girls in dresses too short and heels too high staggering and screeching on the streets. They were surrounded by young men similarly messy, some shirtless. They seemed to be heading out rather than returning from their night out.

And so, after a lovely dinner, I headed back to my car. It was probably 11pm and I swear that in the four or five blocks I had to walk, I witnessed the following: a girl with her dress hitched to her waist urinating in the gutter in front of a group of laughing onlookers; a young man vomiting against a tree; a loud, violent scuffle outside a bar between two blotto men; a couple pashing in full view of outdoor diners, the man’s hand down the clearly inebriated woman’s bra; a middle-aged man with an open pizza box dropping slices as he staggered, before being tripped up by a pesky gutter.

I also saw a woman screaming obscenities at her boyfriend before kicking over a garbage bin and leaving its contents strewn across the road. When I asked the woman if she intended to pick up said rubbish, she told me I could ”f—” myself and called me an ”ugly c—”. Charming.

Then, to top things off, there were three men loitering by my car who, as I approached, asked if I would like to fellate them.

Is this really what a fun night out has become? If so, I’m staying in and staying sober because it not only disgusted me, it left me feeling depressed.

Why? Because I realised that the atrocities of the few blocks I had travelled were being repeated all over Australia; that this is what now constitutes socialising in this country. And it made me despair for the generations to come, because even though drinking to excess was a rite of passage for my generation too, things have deteriorated.

This is not just a case of me being older and believing, vainly, that I wasn’t that bad, statistics show that binge drinking is increasing, especially among young people.

A 2012 report by the Victorian Auditor-General revealed alcohol-related violence and health problems cost the state $4.3 billion each year. It showed that ambulance attendances to alcohol-related incidents had increased by 219 per cent from 2009-10 to 2011-12. What’s more, the increase was 329 per cent for people aged up to 21. Add to this a 93 per cent increase in emergency department presentations (191 per cent for those up to 21) and it’s pretty clear we don’t have a problem with drinking in this country, we have a full-scale epidemic.

It is disturbing to think of just how many Australians suffer the short-term effects of alcohol – hangovers, headaches, nausea, shakiness, vomiting and memory loss – on a regular basis. Then there’s the behavioural problems – falls, assaults, car accidents, unplanned pregnancies, loss of valuables, overspending, time off work, relationship breakdowns. This is before we even get to long-term health concerns, such as addiction, liver and brain damage, and death.

I am grateful that my recent binge made me sober up and realise that while a few drinks with friends is fun, more than that is not.

So, with New Year’s Eve approaching, I plan to have a happy one, which means no hangover the next day, no strangers on my lounge, and no ouchy regret. I wish you and yours the same.

9-Nov-2014 Swim with dolphins

Sunday 9 November 2014 Leave a comment

Dawn was at work today, so I had a quiet morning doing chores, then in the afternoon I kayaked over to the White House, but as I was injured I went for a walk instead of a run. I walked to South Cronulla along the coast path, then went for a swim round the buoy. The sea was quite rough. Amazingly a dolphin swam underneath me. To be honest when I first saw the fin and flash of grey it scared the life out of me. When I looked up I could see it breach the water with it’s fin out – really beautiful once I’d calmed down.

I then got changed and had a coffee at Grind, then walked up to Wanda beach and then back to the White House and kayaked back home. I felt quite sore & tired.

In the evening, I was fiddling around with my new phone, the Samsung Note 4. After Dawn came home I took the first selfie – below.


3-Nov-2014 Still Injured

Monday 3 November 2014 1 comment

Despite recovering from my fall on Lady Carrington Drive a couple of weeks back, I still have this nagging pulled muscle behind my knee. This makes it very painful to even run slow on flat pavement.

I now have my bashed right shin from kayaking yesterday that is still painful, and will also last a couple of weeks.

This has put me in a negative state of mind about running races as it first occurred during the Coastal Classic back in Sept and has never really gone away. Dawn reckons that getting a massage would help, or multiple, but I never manage to get one.

In fact it seems that I quite often get injured during races over the last 4 or 5 years but I don’t get injured when I go running by myself. Clearly I over-stretch in races and generally push myself heaps harder than when I am by myself. It’s pretty obvious even to me that there us probably nil health benefits of this and indeed much health degradation going on.

So why do I keep doing these races if it stuffs me up so much ? That is indeed the question I am pondering as the North Face 100k entries open on Wednesday for next May. In reality I am not going to enter – I know that already as its not just the race (and expense, it’s $360 to enter) but all the long training runs I’d need to do and smaller races – and believe me I need to do them. My trots around the park are good but by no means am I as fit as I’d like to think.

It’s starting to make me question whether I still really even want to do races like six foot  each year or whether I should just move to do other things I enjoy…. I will probably enter six foot later in November and how it pans out. I probably need something to aim at to keep my training honest!

18-Oct-2014 Saturday & Splat

Saturday 18 October 2014 Leave a comment

We both got up late this morning 10.30am and Dawn was gone 11am (admittedly she is working night duty tonight), but I am not, just tired after a week at work, and for the last few weeks I have also been going to the gym 3x a week.

Did some chores then went for a swim at the beach, lovely and sunny but still some stormwater dirtiness in the water.

After breakfast, at gone 2pm, I went for a run on Lady Carrington Drive, which I don’t run on that often. Am trying to go under 2hrs but it was about 2hrs 8min today. But I took a dive on a rocky section and cut my knee and forearms which took most of the weight, and my front/stomach. I still had about 6km to run so that was tough but bearable.

I made risotto for Chelsea and Kody with mixed success…. bleedin’  kids.

This evening I downloaded the One Track Heart film about Krishna Das. And of course then watched it. Great.

22-Apr-2014 Work again

Tuesday 22 April 2014 Leave a comment

After the 4-day Easter long weekend, it had to end, and I had to go back to work. So of coure it was a struggle to get up and get going, not helped by the “injury” to my arm/ shoulder. Work was quiet so I was able to do some chores, NRMA and RTA to handle the paperwork for the new car and the Bank to get cash out to renew our yoga. I did manage to book a remedial massage for 2pm just around the corner from work. Their website says that they specialise in sleep-caused pain and stiffness which is what I reckon mine is, but I wasn’t impressed with it, and it didn’t fix it either, and cost me $70.

In the end I didn’t leave work early at all, gone 6.30pm, and I was stuffed by the time I got home, so had a long hot bath, and a hair cut – a number 2 all over and went to bed early. Just before 11pm.

I did read this article today about food,  I guess it just re-enforces my own views that processed food is bad and just un-adulterated fruit & veg is best, but you have to draw your own line as to what “processed” means:

They conclude that no diet is clearly best, but there are common elements across eating patterns that are proven to be beneficial to health. “A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention.”

Among the salient points of proven health benefits the researchers note, nutritionally-replete plant-based diets are supported by a wide array of favorable health outcomes, including fewer cancers and less heart disease. These diets ideally included not just fruits and vegetables, but whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Katz and Meller found “no decisive evidence” that low-fat diets are better than diets high in healthful fats, like the Mediterranean. Those fats include a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids than the typical American diet.

“If you eat food direct from nature,” Katz added, “you don’t even need to think about this. You don’t have to worry about trans fat or saturated fat or salt—most of our salt comes from processed food, not the salt shaker. If you focus on real food, nutrients tend to take care of themselves.”

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21-Apr-2014 Bad neck, shoulder, arm

Monday 21 April 2014 Leave a comment

I was up approx 10am today, and did some chores around the house,  althpugh Dawn was home so did squeeze in a coffee on the back deck after we’d moved all Jazmin’s bike parts. Although my neck, shoulder arm still hurt in bed, they are ok running. So I went running with Dawn to Maianbar and back along the spit with a wade & swim then a longer swim at Hordern’s beach. My arm was still dodgy though so didn’t swim much.

Then I made dinner for the kids tonight, had breakfat (at 3pm !) then went with Dawn to the nursery at Taren Point and on to yoga. I really couldn’t do some of the poses at all due to my injury – even laying on my back on the floor (savasana) was very painful. At home the kids had eaten dinner and barely left enough for me so I made some more including for lunch.

I read this great article in the paper ( ):

There’s only one viable time management approach left (and even that’s only really an option for the better-off). Step one: identify what seem to be, right now, the most meaningful ways to spend your life. Step two: schedule time for those things. There is no step three. Everything else just has to fit around them – or not. Approach life like this and a lot of unimportant things won’t get done, but, crucially, a lot of important things won’t get done either. Certain friendships will be neglected; certain amazing experiences won’t be had; you won’t eat or exercise as well as you theoretically could. In an era of extreme busyness, the only conceivable way to live a meaningful life is to not do thousands of meaningful things.

“Learn to say no”: it’s such a cliche, and easy to assume it means only saying no to tedious, unfulfilling stuff. But “the biggest, trickiest lesson,” as the author Elizabeth Gilbert once put it, “is learning how to say no to things you do want to do” – stuff that matters – so that you can do a handful of things that really matter. Our only hope of beating overwhelm may be to limit, radically, what we’re willing to get whelmed by in the first place.

There is definitely more I could do on this, I keep doing extra things and the get frustrated. Days like this long weekend are perfect, not doing a lot, a run, swim, hwalthy food.

Also saw this great pic on facebook :


13-Aug-2011 city to surf weekend

Saturday 13 August 2011 Leave a comment

nah I didn’t run city to surf, again. probably won’t ever bother to run it again. I don’t have any issue with it – its a good course, well organised, a great race (if you are into races – and I guess I am not). I have run it 7,8,9 times something like that. But I am just not into big crowdy races, in fact not into races at all really.

Instead I ran along Lady Carrington Drive as I am thinking about the Sutherland Half Marathon next weekend as I wanted to see if my injury would be up to it. I think it will except it took me 2hrs 8mins to run out and back for best part of 20km. Its not really a big race, but a great course to do with a bunch of other people.

I was pretty tired at the end but not too bad.

For dinner I made a leek and potato soup and it was blooming marvellous !

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6-Aug-2011 Reboot

Saturday 6 August 2011 Leave a comment

I had a quick read of coolrunning this evening, must have been the first time in ages, like a month or so.I feel like I have just dropped right out of the running scene since Six Foot back in March. But even before then. I don’t regularly run with any one, or even a group (although I pin the Bushies colours on when I do run a race). Being injured doesn’t help.

But overall, I feel like I need a reboot – take a year or 2 off, get out of the scene and re-find myself & re-charge my batteries. I am refining my diet and my training and feel a lot better for it. My injury is not totally healed but good enough to run enough without any issues. So much so that I am actually enjoying it.

Just need to ensure that I don’t go off and over-commit in my usual way and go and spoil it.

I am particularly enjoying just getting up and doing what strikes my fancy (running, swimming, yoga, paddling, stand-up paddling, surfing, cross fit) and depending on what  the weather / conditions best suit – no expectations, no promises, just go with the flow.

Ultimately I have been running for 30 years, 27 since my first marathon, so the running habit runs very deep, and I will always come back and do more but I think that as an exercise routine running alone is not enough- you need to do other activites for all over fitness.

Today I did an 8km run, with fully-clothed and shod swim. 50 pushups, 50 kettlebell swings (16kg), 50 medicine ball wall throws (9kg) and 2 pull ups.

Last night I did 90mins advanced bikram yoga. I am still shite but at least my core is getting a bit stronger.

22-Apr-2011 Good Friday

Friday 22 April 2011 Leave a comment

Thank god for Easter – 5 days off work – Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and the bonus Anzac day on Tues.

Started as I mean to continue – got up late – 12noon – which just shows how tired I have been. Walked the dog then went out with the kids on a “family trip”. Jazmin had seen some youtube clip of people surfing down sand dunes on a surf board and she wanted to try it out at Marley close by here. So the kids cycled, Dawn ran and as I have an injury I walked to bring up the rear and carry the Kids surfboard. I though it was destined to fail but it actually worked out very well. Whilst the kids were mucking around me & Dawn tried out some yoga poses. We left approx 2pm and got back at 5pm just before it got dark.

Then went for a quick swim at the beach just as the sun was going down – lots of people out taking photos.

Kevin & Dawn practising yoga

Kevin & Dawn practising yoga

Dawn & Kids

Dawn & Kids

Jazmin Sand Surfing

Jazmin Sand Surfing

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16-Apr-2011 Finished Mao book & Running injury

Saturday 16 April 2011 Leave a comment

I finally finished the book Mao-A Lifesee my review here. I am trying to review all the books I read, not sure why, just a couple of sentences is usually all I do – you can check out my books read in the past (the last year or so’s worth not all the books I have ever read – there are literally too many to count), what I am reading now etc here on shelfari.

For the last week or so I have had a pain behind my left knee when running – definitely related to tightness in my muscles in my hamstring etc. It definitely feels like an injury now. bugger.

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1-May-2010 Not going to the gold coast marathon

Saturday 1 May 2010 Leave a comment

I turned this great offer down – a shame as you don’t often get free stuff offered. I have a yoga injury I am sure – in my hamstring insertion area. But also I just am trying to be less committed to things.

As a dedicated runner, active blogger and founder of we would like to extend to you an invitation to attend the Gold Coast Airport Marathon as our guest. The invite includes:

  • Return airfares to the Gold Coast
  • 2 nights accommodation at The Holiday Inn, Surfers Paradise
  • Race Entry to any desired race at the event
  • Inner Muscle training kit
  • Top Impact Line racing kit

There will be further inclusions, all of which will be outline in a detailed itinerary for the weekend. This will be sent closer to the event date should you accept this invitation.

The dates for the event are Friday 2nd- Sunday 4th July 2010. As a pre-requisite for accepting this invitation ASICS would request the following:

  • Road test the ASICS Inner Muscle apparel range for the 4 weeks leading up to the event and post a blog about your experience for each of the 4 weeks.
  • 1 blog post each day of the event about your experience at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.
  • 1 blog post after the event about your experience competing in the Inner Muscle apparel range.
  • The above totalling 8 blog posts. Should you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account we would also love you to replicate your blog posts into these accounts.


Monday 25 June 2007 Leave a comment

Well, it felt life got crazy and I fell off the blogging wagon. Actually got sick, the doc said bronchitis and it could well have been. I had a fever then a crazy crazy chest, cough, throat, headaches. even had time off work. just got a bad cough and well dodgy throat left to sort out. needless to say running was a no no. even now a couple of weeks later I still feel short of breath walking up the drive (ok its a monster drive but even so). maybe i am getting older but need to look after myself (better).

I missed the Poor Man’s Comrade’s – good job too given the weather. But I caught the start and some of the runners at the top end of the course. Good job Woodford to Glenbrook was postponed as I doubt I would have made it this weekend. hopefully will be ok by 8th for the re-run. unfortunately the Berowra star is on the same day as glasshouse. bugger, too late to change now, but then i am not sure I will be up for it anyway (I am not on a good streak at the moment). Will be happy if cities and 12 foot come off ok.

So other than the usual I have been reading the guardian a lot. they have some great articles that makes the smh just seem a bit weak by comparison. I have re-tuned the car radio to just get JJJ or FBI. FBI “dump toxic radio” is like a breath of fresh air. commercial radio winds me up something chronic now. listening to Uncle Tupelo. Its meant to be alt country which is a crap descriptor – it’s nothing like country. Also a bit of jeff buckley, he’s ok but a bit maudlin. Also a bunch of guardian podcasts. naturally. Just finished the oral history of punk – great stuff. must expand bandwidth of what I am reading!

17-Jun-2006 Beginings

Thursday 15 June 2006 Leave a comment

To be honest I have always resisted the idea of writing a blog as I don’t have enough time to scratch myself, let alone have the discipline to keep a blog going. Anyway, having installed the new software, i am itching to see how it all works.

This week was a big week – starting last Friday when CoolRunning’s ISP pulled the pin on us for being so slow to move from our old software which was grinding our server to a halt (it is shared with other users). Moving to a dedicated server is a big jump in price – approx 350% so we jumped into a planned upgrade – I struggle with procrastination and have been planning the move for a year, but too scared to make the leap.

Anyway I lined up Mick Corlis, who should take all the credit, as he did all the hard yakka for us. Mick maintains the Australian Mountain Runners website and recently wrote all our calendar software (a very talented guy).

Most people like the changes except for a few who have complained about the slow speed. mmm it was slow anyway, and I am not convinced it is worse. We will look to improve it though.

Running wise – I have a groin injury which means I am a non-starter at tomorrow Poor Man’s Comrades which is a pain. Workwise I have been flat out and unfortunately away from a PC for much of the time so am definitely not on top of emails nor thread-reading.