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16-May-2015 Jamie Oliver Petition

Saturday 16 May 2015 Leave a comment

Today I signed this petition to help get kids taught how to cook food at schools. The good news is that all of our kids know how to cook good food from scratch, vegetarian of course. In face the older two are pretty good and even little Kody is coming along nicely. You could say that this was great planning on our part – but the kids would say that we are never at home and they taught themselves to fend for themselves.

In particular in these times we have taught them that “cheap food” at the supermarkets is rarely ever the best quality and you don’t need masses of poor quantity but an honest amount of quality is the most important. They are learning that.

As Michael Pollan says “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”

There was a video that with he Jamie Oliver “Food Revolution Day” here:

5-Apr-2015 Chocolate at Easter

Sunday 5 April 2015 Leave a comment

I am not really a big fan of chocolate (*), and I am not really sure how it came to be associated with Easter. However I saw this article and video today about these cocoa bean growers who didn’t even know that their beans went into chocolate, didn’t know what chocolate was and had never tasted it. So it was cool to see them try it for the first time … originally via the great Guardian – Why cheap chocolate eggs are bad for us – and terrible for poor cocoa farmers.

(*) – to be fair I do have a little bit in the evening, usually if I feel a bit peckish. However I often have our own home-made roasted nuts instead. Jazmin first started roasting them … the ones in the shops are not really roasted, even if it says so on the packet, they need be a very dark brown, even black to taste right !

Our kids usually get 2 or 3 Easter eggs each, and I think that’s because Dawn is as much a fan as the kids are. I remember back when I was a kid we used to get like 10-15 each, maybe as we had lots of uncles, aunts, grandparents etc … something our kids definitely do miss out on, although they don’t really realise as that’s the way it’s always been for them.

21-Feb-2015 Frozen Berry Recall!

Saturday 21 February 2015 Leave a comment

I was pretty annoyed with the recent recall of frozen berries that had caused Hep A in some people. I had the berries and out of our family it’s mainly me that uses them in my breakfast. I took them back to Woolworths and got my money back. I guess what annoys me is that I suppose I knew that something is fishy about the whole situation – let me explain: fresh raspberries are about $4 for a 100g punnet making it approx $40 per kg. So when someone sells them at $9 per kg then you just know it’s going to be cheap and nasty. Anyway, I have decided not to buy them anymore and the idea of getting cheap raspberries from China, you kinda know you are not buying the good stuff. I will just buy either Australian and/or Organic and wear the extra cost. As it turns out reasonably local (NSW) raspberries about $15 per kg. Maybe I am just annoyed at myself thinking I am getting a great – but we can all remember this : You get what you pay for.

Refer article in the SMH:

Patties Foods maintained samples of the berry products were tested four times using Australian food standards and they have also been working with the FSANZ to keep the public informed of their investigations.

Its chief executive Steven Chaur said there was still no “firm association [of hepatitis A] with our recalled products”.

“Many Chinese food production facilities also supply European and Japanese food markets, and they also have extremely strict hygiene and quality standards,” he said in a press release.

“Despite public misconceptions, many Chinese food production facilities are at least as hygienic as those in Australia and operate to similar regulatory compliance regimes.”

The outbreak has highlighted concerns about country-of-origin labelling on food.

Consumer group Choice has tested 55 packs of frozen mixed fruits and mixed vegetables and found nearly half the labels on the packs had “vague” or “unhelpful” information.

Choice said some of the worst claims included “Packed in New Zealand”, “Packed in Chile from imported and local ingredients” and “Processed in Belgium”.

It also found 12 per cent of its 700 members were not able to understand the meaning of “Made in Australia”.

“These claims offer very little information about a product’s origin and are largely meaningless to consumers,” Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey said.

“Consumers deserve to know where their food comes from which is why we have launched a petition calling on the Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, to take action on country of origin labelling.”

Mr Joyce has supported changes to the country-of-origin labelling laws to stop manufacturers from using “sneaky terms” to “earn a premium” on cheaply made products.

Under current laws, the term “made from Australian and imported ingredients” is common, providing no detail on the exact origins of all the ingredients in a product or where it was packaged.

“There is a good way that you can avoid all of this and that is to make sure you eat Australian product,” Mr Joyce said on Wednesday.

“I want to make sure I do everything in my power to say to people your safest food is your domestic food. That is why you pay a premium for Australian product. It is clean, green and healthy.”

Mr Joyce’s spokesman confirmed a white paper on the potential legislation changes is due to go before the cabinet.

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7-Sep-2014 Din Tai Fung

Sunday 7 September 2014 Leave a comment

My legs were sore after yesterday’s exertions, and I got up late .. nearly 11am. Pottered around then went out with Dawn to the library, Bunnings, Cronulla. Opened some lovely Father’s Day cards and presents. Very impressed with all the girls.

In the evening we went out to Din Tai Fung in World Square partially to celebrate Father’s Day but also tomorrow as it’s Dawn’s Birthday. I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before and wanted to hand on to the last grasp of our holiday in China – Jazmin was quite keen on dumplings and I wanted somewhere with a bit of a Wow. It wasn’t super expensive and there was more than adequate options for vegetarians. We went by car to Sutherland then caught the train in the rain, left about 6pm and back home by 9.45pm.

Some Din Tai Fung restaurant reviews here:



18-Aug-2014 Bread

Monday 18 August 2014 Leave a comment

There was an interesting article about the rise of sourdough bread in the paper. Of course we eat pretty much only sourdough, even the kids. Mainly because we just hate the supermarket-style fluffy bread full of crap. The last few years we have been decreasing the amount of bread we eat, but hey we are English and invented sanwiches.

I remember at Uni buying quite good bakery bread and having cheese and salad cream on it on a daily basis eg a loaf a day!

We mainly buy Sonoma bakery bread at the Sutherland Supabarn, but sometimes get supplies from other good sourdough bakeries, there seem to be a few. Sonoma bread is all over also.




22-Apr-2014 Work again

Tuesday 22 April 2014 Leave a comment

After the 4-day Easter long weekend, it had to end, and I had to go back to work. So of coure it was a struggle to get up and get going, not helped by the “injury” to my arm/ shoulder. Work was quiet so I was able to do some chores, NRMA and RTA to handle the paperwork for the new car and the Bank to get cash out to renew our yoga. I did manage to book a remedial massage for 2pm just around the corner from work. Their website says that they specialise in sleep-caused pain and stiffness which is what I reckon mine is, but I wasn’t impressed with it, and it didn’t fix it either, and cost me $70.

In the end I didn’t leave work early at all, gone 6.30pm, and I was stuffed by the time I got home, so had a long hot bath, and a hair cut – a number 2 all over and went to bed early. Just before 11pm.

I did read this article today about food,  I guess it just re-enforces my own views that processed food is bad and just un-adulterated fruit & veg is best, but you have to draw your own line as to what “processed” means:

They conclude that no diet is clearly best, but there are common elements across eating patterns that are proven to be beneficial to health. “A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention.”

Among the salient points of proven health benefits the researchers note, nutritionally-replete plant-based diets are supported by a wide array of favorable health outcomes, including fewer cancers and less heart disease. These diets ideally included not just fruits and vegetables, but whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Katz and Meller found “no decisive evidence” that low-fat diets are better than diets high in healthful fats, like the Mediterranean. Those fats include a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids than the typical American diet.

“If you eat food direct from nature,” Katz added, “you don’t even need to think about this. You don’t have to worry about trans fat or saturated fat or salt—most of our salt comes from processed food, not the salt shaker. If you focus on real food, nutrients tend to take care of themselves.”

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9-Nov-2013 Saturday Surf Lifesaving

Saturday 9 November 2013 Leave a comment

Today I did my 2nd patrol for Cronulla Surf club from 9am-1.30pm. I have had a really bad cough and like cold symptoms but decided to go anyway. Mostly it’s like a tickle in the throat.

I drove round and listened to the radio, the lyrics of one song stood out, which I liked and thought that maybe Michael Jackson should have listened himself – the Man in the mirror:

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make The Change

The day was hot and sunny, well over 30C on the beach.

Luckily no rescues but I did get to swim and go out on a board for practise. Although I swim at Bundeena most days, Cronulla is just better – the water is deeper and the waves add that extra element. A perfect day.

I also met a guy called Herman, who is 85 and pretty much a raw vegan with drinks a lot of fresh juices, runs, swims, walks and does like yoga deep breathing (pranayama) each day. He looks so fit and healthy and has an incredible sharp mind, just a great example of how to grow old !

After the patrol I had a coffee at Grind – a doppio – double espressso and bought some veges. I also had to get a new pair of sunnies as Dawn took my others ones – see photo of me modelling them.

In the evening I cooked a couple of veg dishes for me and Jaz and Dawn – snow peas and mushrooms with tofu chunks with soy sauce and omboishi vinegar. Second dish was cauliflower with mustard seeds in a dry indian spice.