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3-Jan-2016 Still on holiday!

Sunday 3 January 2016 Leave a comment

razors-edgeI am still on holiday and hanging out at home, doing lots of sport, running, swimming, gym, possibly too much as my arms and legs are very tired and I have trouble getting out of bed before about 10am!

I finished reading The Razor’s Edge book by Somerset Maugham. I really enjoyed it … this review is better than I could give it:

In the evening, gone 1030pm, me and Dawn walked thru Bonnie Vale campsite to Maianbar and as it was low tide crossed the beach to the spit and walked back on the beach. I gave her a piggy back across the stream! We got back home approx 11.30pm, it was warm and we worked up a sweat.

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24-Dec-2015 Christmas Eve, Marley & Presents

Thursday 24 December 2015 Leave a comment

Forget the presents, my Christmas wish happened today: going out for a bush walk and picnic with my wife and 3 teenagers. Won’t be long before they won’t want to come. Spending time with people you care about is best, or call them on the dog-and-bone or if they are not around then spend a few minutes thinking of them. We took photos but it’s good to under-share sometimes so not posting here.

Merry Christmas all and hope there are many more to come!


6-Jun-2015 Saturday .. some joy

Sunday 7 June 2015 Leave a comment

It seems I have been working harder & longer at work the last few months, so today it felt like a real luxury to sleep in until about 10am with my wife and have a coffee sitting out on the back deck.

After dropping Kody off at a friends place I went running, not a huge long run, just an hour on what is becoming my fave route – to Jibbon beach and up the Eric St track then back down to the beach on the Sandy track. I did it last weekend in barefeet but today I wore shoes. My running is going very well, just frightened now of doing something silly and getting injured!

Then I went swimming at the beach – which is rapidly becoming my favourite spot to swim as it’s so clear and gets deep quickly – often just 1m from the edge it seems over my head! – just to the right of the rocks and across to “Devs” (as the kids call it) and back again. The water was chilly but not too bad. Maybe 17C in the water I’d estimate. Then jogged home afterwards.

Took Chelsea driving, then went to see Kody play soccer at Heathcote.

After seeing off Dawn to work and skyping with family in the UK, I “went to the gym” over at the oval:

5 sets of:

  • 50 skips with skipping rope
  • 20 step ups with 15kg “sandbag” on shoulders
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 knees up whilst hanging from climbing frame

It’s pretty clear that doing sets of reps is a good way to do heaps more than just straight through. I felt extra virtuous as it was so cold outside (10C) .. ha ha must be going soft !

After dinner I took Chelsea out driving again, this time to Sutherland and back. Relaxed in the evening listening to alt-country playlist on Spotify.

2-May-2015 Driving in the rain

Saturday 2 May 2015 Leave a comment

I didn’t have anything planned for today, and was looking forward to a lie in as I had been up early all week. Combined with the rain and wet weather and general speed up of corporate life, I felt like a bedraggled, drowned and wrung out rat. Unfortunately Jaz was going out at 7am to a soccer referee course way over at Norwest, a good 90mins drive away, if you don’t get lost on the way. I awoke at 06.30am and asked if she’d like me to go with her. She said Yes. Grrr. So we left, Jaz driving. We got there in time for her 9am start, and then I went to Kogarah to pick up 2 persimmon trees that Dawn and Jaz had lined up. They were both about 30cm high. Then I went to Ramsgate Farmer’s market for some veggies. Then went to Cronulla to buy some stuff from the health food shop. Had an hour at home (had to go the long way as the weir was flooded). Had a lie down and some fruit then drove out back to pick up Jaz. Unfortunately it was really raining hard and was just miserable. However she is now a fully qualified grade 4 soccer ref. We got home just in time to see Dawn before she went to work. But by then I was buggered and didn’t fancy running and it was too dark to swim.

I cooked dinner and then went to bed early 0930pm. I was lying in bed listening to the rain and frogs thinking how great it all was. Then the phone rank and it was Ko asking if I could go pick her up from a friends place and so I had to go out in the driving rain, again. However when I finally made it back into our warm dry house it was great, and I still made it to bed early. I am trying to get more sleep and find that it’s just great and I love it but rarely make it to be bed early – more times than not it is still 1130pm or later..

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1-Jan-2015 New Year’s !

Thursday 1 January 2015 Leave a comment

Last night I met Dawn after her work and we went to see the 9pm fireworks from Sydney Park near Newtown. Maybe it was way the wind was blowing but it was difficult to see them, but lots of smoke. We weren’t as impressed as in previous years. We walked into Newtown to get a coffer and/or something to eat, it’s always lively there even on New Years but this time a lot of places were closed.

I read in the paper that:

Bars and hotels citywide reported their quietest New Year’s Eve in a long time. Locals said streets were a “ghost town” on Wednesday night.

As well as Bondi, the number of visitors at pubs in Surry Hills and Leichhardt was about one-fifth of the normal New Year’s Eve crowds.

Oh well, we got a coffee anyway and drove home. Thanksfully (!!) all the kids were out so we had a hot bath and watched the midnight fireworks on TV. Luckily the kids came home in one piece soon after from being at a local beach.

Today was a late start, very hot, over 30C and quiet although all the beaches here were packed. We went to the beach 3 times today too cool off!! I did some reading and some gym work and went to a 2hr walk through the bush and along the cliffs. Then we had a family dinner in the back garden over a fire – not that it was cold – we were all sweating !!

Anyway new year’s resolutions still intact !



25-Dec-2014 Christmas Day

Thursday 25 December 2014 Leave a comment

Being Christmas and we have no family here other than ourselves, and we were off work & School we could get up late. Kody would have preferred we got up earlier, like 6am, but it was closer to 10am. I think the older kids were ok with that! We then opened our presents, I always like to think we don’t over-do it, but then I see the pile and am not so sure. We then had a coffee, of course, and had a family group photo shoot in the garden. We went for a longish walk to the recently-done up aboriginal engravings & had a swim at Jibbon beach on the way back, all together and really lovely. Had dinner on back deck about 30secs before a big thunder & lightening store. Then Skyped my Mum and Dawn’s sister Carol in the UK and made a few other calls to family.






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24-Dec-2014 Christmas Eve

Wednesday 24 December 2014 Leave a comment

Christmas Eve and the house seemed to be running off adrenaline, except Dawn of course who was working. It was the first day of my holidays and the kids despute being older teenagers, were still excited for Christmas.

Ko & Jaz drove Dawn to Sutherland station leaving approx 5.10am, then they went onto Greenhills to go surfing.

I left about 6.45am with Chelsea, although I was swimming with the people at South Cronulla – the SIPS – Shark Island Psycho Swimmers. We pretty much always swim out and around Shark Island, I would guess approx 1.5km total, depending on the conditions. The waves were BIG today out the back of the Point and out back of Shark Island. I was frankly a little scared and just did what everyone else did and came through it very happy.

The kids were waiting for me as I finished and we all had a nice breakfast together at the Barefoot on the Beach. As a sign of them growing up, I left them to go shopping at Woolies whilst I went home to do the cleaning up and wrap my final lot of presents & generally chill out whilst listening to the BBC World Service.

Later in the afternoon I went Boxing with Jaz at the beach which had emptied by then. Me, Jaz and Ko also played soccer and catch. A great time together and I really appreciated it.


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