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20-Aug-2013 Gym

Tuesday 20 August 2013 Leave a comment

After work I went to the gym. A while back I decided I wanted to build some core strength or upper body strength as I am frankly very weak everywhere apart from my legs which is quite natural for a runner. As I get older I want to be overall fit all over so have made a conscious effort to scale back the running and do more all round fitness.

This has taken a couple of years with my brief flirtation with crossfit that I love. But it was inconvenient to go to the Kogarah one even when I am working there. And the pricing model is bung $30 a session or $250 unlimited a month.

I went for a while to Andy’s Gym in Bundeena which pretty much hit the mark exercise-wise and price-wise at $20 a session, but he’s been scaling back and is now only open one day a week which is just too inconvenient for me.

I decided a couple of weeks back to make a change and find somewhere else. Luckily the big Pitt St Fitness First in the Sydney CBD has just re-opened with their crossfit-style model for $27 a week.  So if I commit to 2x a week that is only $13 a visit.  3x a week and it’s looking pretty cheap.

Dawn said that I shouldn’t really start a gym membership AND keep going to the “films for change” with dinner at $30 a week which is a fair call so I am not going to the films anymore (maybe just for really good ones as a treat).

Anyway I am trying to go to the gym 2x a week for now, without going too hard early on and getting injured. I will try to uplift it to 3x a week in due course. I am totally loving it. Tonight I arrived for a 6pm class, having left work at 5.50pm and doing a bit of a dash to get there, and changed.

I started off with a HIIT class (all classes listed here) ie High Intensity circuit for 30mins – kettlebells, star jumps, burpees, boxing, sledge-pushing, rope lifting, box jumps etc. 2 circuits in total.

Then a kettlebell class for 30mins, kettlebells in 4 or 5 ways with a bodyweight exercise in between, 2 circuits.

The finished off with a 30 min Kinesis class ie pretty much like a weight machine but actually 10 machines, 1 min on each then 2 circuits. But not high weights more like medium-weight but high reps.

As you can imagine I was wrecked afterwards so had a quick shower and went home. Was very tired on the train.

Later that night I watched a talk by a guy who rode his bike from the UK to India. It was well cool.

Danny began adventuring at the age of four when he cycled down the steep steps that led up to his family home in Buxton. The cuts on his knees, and sore head did nothing to deaden his adventurous spirit or his love of cycling.
A racing bike took Danny around the world racing for Great Britain in Duathlon, Quadrathlon and Triathlon from 2004-2008. A mountain bike won him the Guinness World Record for Bog Snorkelling Triathlon but it was his touring bike, the beautiful Shirley, that took Danny 15,000km, and half way round the world, to India to teach at a school in the jungle.
Battered and bruised, covered in dust, looking sickeningly thin and with a rather dodgy haircut after a nasty brush with a host of maggots, Danny arrived into Chembakolli on his 31st birthday twenty years since he had told his head mistress in an assembly that what he wanted to do in life was cycle round the world for charity.

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23-Dec-2011 Massacred

Friday 23 December 2011 Leave a comment

Was up approx 5.20am and left to drive to Cronulla for a swim with Mick and Stu. Car park was full so had to park elsewhere and run to the start for 6.30am – seems like it was boot camp and surf lifesaving/nippers Xmas parties so early in the morning. There were approx 20+ people for swimming. Water was meant to be 21 but felt cold to start with. Quite big waves, but swam well and came in approx 2/3 down the pack. A great swim. Went for coffee afterwards. Drove home and took it easy until approx 2pm as I had to go out to buy a new mixer for Dawn and a USB bub for Jazmin from the Good Guys at Caringbah.

Drove onto Kogarah and went to Crossfit there for the 4pm class. the WOD (work out of the day) was: 4 reps of 5 mins, of as many of rounds of these as possible within the 5mins (2min 30secs between each rep) :

  • 5 Pull ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Air Squats

I generally did 2 or 3 rounds per rep, for 11 rounds all up. Obviously the pullups were not the proper ones, as I am far to weak for that – I was using a green elastic band. I was totally shattered afterwards although surprisingly not quite the worst in the class (but pretty close to it). All up I had 55 pullups, 110 pushups and 165 air squats. What make it worse is that I can do approx 30+ pushups straight off, but these are nose to floor, the Crossfit ones today were chest to floor and they are MUSH harder.

I had time for a quick jog to Ramsgate beach and had a quick dip and run back to the car to head back to Caringbah for the 6 o’clock yoga (the last class before a 4 day xmas break).

Unfortunately it was obvious that a yoga class straight after crossfit was a big mistake. BIG MISTAKE. I couldn’t put my arms over my head, couldn’t balance, missed a few poses – I was a total wreck – Massacred. My muscles on my arms were twitching and the girl next to me thought I was about to pass out.

Did some final food shopping and got home by 9pm. wrecked.

ps the Crossfit-FX facebook page is well cool – shows all the daily workouts, usually with cool videos too.

19-Dec-2011 at home day

Monday 19 December 2011 Leave a comment

Monday is the first proper day of the holidays was got up late 10am, Dawn was up at 11am – amazingly the kids are well trained and no one was up any earlier than 09.30am. Posted approx 10 pairs of shoes in the Loco Closing Down Sale. Took the older 2 (Jaz and Chel) and Peter up to Sutherland as they were going to the city as the weather was raining. They were going Xmas shopping. Then I went swimming in the rain – the water was pretty warm, maybe 19C. Did some work work (refer here) and cooked dinner, then picked up the kids. Then went running along Bonnie Vale, went for a quick swim at the end, then picked up rubbish on the way back (in the pouring rain). In the evening watched the CrossFit every second counts movie. Nice end to the day.

3-Nov-2011 Second crossfit session

Thursday 3 November 2011 1 comment

I did the 2nd intro session tonight. I recovered from the first fine, not much soreness. More weights tonight which I have never done before – it was even obvious to the instructor that my legs, hips etc are tight as anything – I put this down to all those years of running. Just 2 of us in the intro class. Looking forward to doing the real sessions with everyone else.


1-Nov-2011 Started crossfit

Tuesday 1 November 2011 Leave a comment

I started doing crossfit today. Well you have to do a fundamentals course (4x 1hr sessions) to show you how to use all the equipment. I think I am going to like it. I am going to the Kogarah one:

What is crossfit ? this will give you a flavour:



16-Jul-2011 Best. Workout. Ever.

Saturday 16 July 2011 Leave a comment

After Kody’s soccer & visit to Ramsgate Organic Markets & Pet Shop blah blah, I felt like I needed a bit of me time. So approx 2pm I kayaked to Cronulla and ran to greenhills where I did as bunch of pushups, balances on balance bar, pull ups, monkey bars, dips etc – I am getting stronger in my upper body was was massively outclassed by some of the other people there.

Then I ran back to South Cronulla and went for a swim almost to The Point. The water felt cold but the sign said 17.3C. It said there were some rips and it was obvious when I stepped into the water, pulling this way and that. However the swim was great but had to time it well when landing back on the beach due to big waves and weird rips., then ran back to where the kayak was and kayak back home.

I was very cold and had to have a warm shower to re0vitalise – overall took 2 hrs exactly – perfect time – not too short, not too long, but so many sports – I was on a bit of high (when collapsed on the sofa). Needless to say, after I had dinner I just zonked out.