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25-Oct-2014 Yoga & Cronulla

Saturday 25 October 2014 Leave a comment

We got up late, me maybe at 1030 and Dawn at 1100. I did some chores then when Dawn and Jaz ran to Marley I walked to Jibbon for a swim like last weekend. This was because after I fell over last week, I had pulled a muscle behind my right knee and during the week it made running, and even walking quite painful. Even yoga. So I had an easy week and even missed the gym.

Anyway the walk was good, but the water was a lot colder than it has been for a week or 2. I still enjoyed it though!

We went to yoga for the 4pm class and it went a lot better than I imagined, then we went to Cronulla for a coffee and then walked from North Cronulla to Wanda and back.We got home at 8pm to cook dinner, but then I left at 9.30pm with Ko to pick Chelsea up from Kurnell – back home about 11.30pm.

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