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16-Oct-2014 I Know Nuffink

Thursday 16 October 2014 Leave a comment

This post was inspired by poetry of our fore-fathers listened to whilst I was out running:

The More I see, the more I know
The more I know, the less I understand

I think the reason I wanted to stop being manager of CoolRunning, and even doing less running, is that was really all I knew other my job :- running.

When I started doing yoga, it was like a new world – so many types and so much to learn – many people can do yoga every day for years and still not be an expert. (Like running), then there is surfing, gym and fitness, cooking, languages, music, books, travel – SO MUCH TO LEARN, and SO LITTLE TIME.

That’s why I can’t just do running, I need to move onto other things. I know some people might like just doing one thing, but it’s not me, I need to keep on moving on.

(Definition of nuffink is here).

17-May-2013 Going to the North Face …

Friday 17 May 2013 Leave a comment

Today I left home at 0730 as I had to be at work at 9am, and so I had the car packed as I had to leave work at 1430 so I could drive up to the Blue Mountains to do the rego for the North Face race in Leura at the Fairmont Resort.

I had booked a small cabin in Lawson as per usual I didn’t decide what to do until about the day before. The price was right – $60.

I said I would check in between 5pm and 6pm and made it just before 6pm, but then dashed out again for the race check-in. I was impressed with the fairmont – it was a cold night and they had a bunch of woodfires going so it had that very woody Blue Mountains smell. I saw Mikey from work, Sean, Mel, Ewen, Tall Geoff and a heap of other mates from CoolRunning. I developed a headache most probably from stress! After I got everything sorted I went past Wentworth Falls and got a pizza. I was back in Lawson and in bed by 9pm but kept waking up – a mix of a new bed, scared of the run and scared of oversleeping. It was very quiet and comfy.

Here is the review I left on AirBnb:

I only stayed briefly at Jan’s place overnight arriving in the dark and leaving early morning in the dark however I must say that I was very happy with my overall experience. Jan is very friendly. The room was like a country hut and was warm & cosy given the cold night outside. The furnishings were fine, all I needed or even more than I needed. It all looked very new like it had been re-furbished recently. I am definitely bookmarking this place for when I come past this way again. The garden is really great so even on warm summer days it would be good to sit on the steps and take it easy. In the dark they had lots of solar lanterns and lights, which was great. There were zillions of stars also!

AirBnB has a cool android app which I first started looking at when I was in India – I will probably use it more as you get a more “real person” experience rather than most normal online booking places.

9-Mar-2013 Six Foot Track!

Saturday 9 March 2013 Leave a comment

Finished my 11th Six Foot Track Marathon today. Very happy with HOW I ran – Picked up from Pluviometer (26km) and screamed thru deviation and on to the finish (45km) overtaking all those people who went past me earlier. However my time was not great due to a slow section between the Cox’s River (15km) to Pluviometer (26km). 6:24.56 total. A good workout test for my Bangladesh run in a few weeks (distance & comfort if not much speed).

Saw lots of people from CoolRunning which was great, so many old friends. Stayed at Sean & Mel’s at Wentworth Falls the night before, with Colin as an extra guest.

Heaps more discussions & comments at the Coolrunning forums, only 2 went to hospital!

Below photo from my phone:


20-Aug-2011 Sutherland Half Marathon

Saturday 20 August 2011 Leave a comment

We picked up Kody from a friend’s in Maianbar where she had a sleepover then we went to Audley for the Sutherland Half Marathon. I mentioned a couple of weeks back to the kids that it was on and they were all mad keen to run – Kody 1km and her friend, Chelsea the 2km, and Jaz the 5km with me doing the half (21.1km). The weather on Friday night was really bad, very stormy with a lot of rain. I figured it would be cancelled but Saturday was bright and shiny. The weir was flooded and I thought it would affect their numbers but it was still quite busy.

Kody and friend came 3rd and 4th in a dead heat, Chelsea came approx halfway down the field as did Jaz. I came 97th from 135 for 2hrs 3min 19s which sounds very slow but tis a tough little course and was very muddy. I ran well and beat Gary Keir (Loneranger on CoolRunning) and Bob Fickel which hasn’t happened for a while so have not lost much fitness. I really enjoyed it. Just rocked up and ran – I really hate setting expectations. In fact all the kids enjoyed it.

We popped back home then picked up a friend of Chelsea’s for a sleepover.

6-Aug-2011 Reboot

Saturday 6 August 2011 Leave a comment

I had a quick read of coolrunning this evening, must have been the first time in ages, like a month or so.I feel like I have just dropped right out of the running scene since Six Foot back in March. But even before then. I don’t regularly run with any one, or even a group (although I pin the Bushies colours on when I do run a race). Being injured doesn’t help.

But overall, I feel like I need a reboot – take a year or 2 off, get out of the scene and re-find myself & re-charge my batteries. I am refining my diet and my training and feel a lot better for it. My injury is not totally healed but good enough to run enough without any issues. So much so that I am actually enjoying it.

Just need to ensure that I don’t go off and over-commit in my usual way and go and spoil it.

I am particularly enjoying just getting up and doing what strikes my fancy (running, swimming, yoga, paddling, stand-up paddling, surfing, cross fit) and depending on what  the weather / conditions best suit – no expectations, no promises, just go with the flow.

Ultimately I have been running for 30 years, 27 since my first marathon, so the running habit runs very deep, and I will always come back and do more but I think that as an exercise routine running alone is not enough- you need to do other activites for all over fitness.

Today I did an 8km run, with fully-clothed and shod swim. 50 pushups, 50 kettlebell swings (16kg), 50 medicine ball wall throws (9kg) and 2 pull ups.

Last night I did 90mins advanced bikram yoga. I am still shite but at least my core is getting a bit stronger.

6-Aug-2010 Letting go

Friday 6 August 2010 Leave a comment

I had to be at work today at 7am, so I got up at 4.40am. Made it to my desk at 6.45. Unfortunately by the time I got home it was approx 8.45pm (had a couple of wines at a work function that finished late).

This is a big weekend coming up – 12 Foot, City to Surf, and there is a big Yoga clinic/seminar at Darling Harbour with Bikram’s wife. I also got invited to a fancy corporate smooze with the Sydney Swans, but have knocked it all back as I’d just prefer something quieter.

I feel a bit the same about CoolRunning, there are some threads that are really turning me off :

As I said to Diane (Paul Every’s partner) – it’s like the Pink Floyd song where the band I am in are playing different tunes and its just time to move on and let go.

5-Aug-2010 Drinks Night

Thursday 5 August 2010 Leave a comment

Digger from CoolRunning (Brisbane) was in town and April Palmerlee had organised a “come and run comrades” night given that Digger is Chief Australian Fan (or similar). Of course I am interested in running Comrades but cost/time and getting fit are probably all beyond me at the moment. However I figured going along for the evening would be good fun, and its right next to Town Hall where I catch the train so its not out of my way. It was a good evening and had a good chat to Luke Palmerlee about summer runs in the RNP, Paul Every & Diane (I bump into them at every social occasion …)

Also there were Viv Kartsounis & Nick Drayton – we have been discussing their Shoes for Planet Earth program and possibly merging with CoolRunning’s own “Recycled Runners“.

It didn’t finish too late and was home by approx 9.30pm.