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6-Sep-2014 Coastal Classic run

Saturday 6 September 2014 Leave a comment

Today was the annual Coastal Classic race, approx 30km from Otford to Bundeena. It’s about the 5th time the race has been on, but of course about another 5 years before that it was a Fat Ass race, free and under-the-radar.

I came 469th from 638 total finishers in a time of 4hrs 18mins about 2 mins faster than last year. I was fairly happy with that given I was just jogging and not pushing too hard – just wanted to make sure I finished in one piece and did not stack it.

It was quite cool and REALLY muddy with some drizzle in places. Last year was HOT and sunny.

Michael came to my place about 7am and we drove to Otford then Jaz drove back. He’d already gone by the time I finished, he was almost an hour ahead. I came home and had a hot relaxing bath and send Kody out to get a Lentil pie from the Passionfruit cafe. Then I had that “with sauce”. Needless to say I was stuffed for the rest of the day (lucky Dawn was at work) but I did spend most of the time clearing up and doing chores.

A good day!

24-Aug-2014 Marking the Coastal Classic course

Sunday 24 August 2014 Leave a comment

I had pretty much allocated (dedicated ?) the complete day to completing my tasks for the Coastal Classic race. I had laminated some signs that are to be put up at various places by the car parks through the national park. I then printed up both sets of residents letters (Bundeena and Otford) then set off to post them and put up the signs. Luckily it had been raining all yesterday and earlier today but when I went out … just perfect. The photo below was taken at the Otford lookout.

My other main task was coordinating Billy’s Bushies volunteers which was mainly a lot of phone calls with Billy himself (now 80 yrs old, no email and no mobile phone) and this year “Gymea John” who helped get an initial list of names.


7-Sept-2013 Coastal Classic Race

Saturday 7 September 2013 Leave a comment

Today was the Coastal Classic 29km race from Otford to Bundeena. I was obviously running again, hoping to redeem myself after last year’s DNF (twisted ankle and dropped out at Garie Beach 10km).

Michael & Nigel came to our house approx 7am and I drove to Otford and Jaz drove the car back. At the start I seemed to meet a lot of old friend that I hadn’t seen for a while, maybe as I don’t mix in running circles too much.

The upshot was that I started approx 2/3 down the field and started fairly gently, probably overtaking more people than went past me. It was a hot day, possibly 29C according to the weathermen – no bad as it is just into Spring. Michael came past just before the Marley aid station and I didn’t see Nigel at all (he finished a couple of minutes behind me).

Coming down the Sandy Track close to Bundeena, we saw a big red-belly black snake on the track. The guy in front who was suffering from cramps soon got a move on!

My time was 4.18 a bit slower than expected, maybe because it was hot, but also maybe that most of my training had been over a couple of hours and I probably slowed up during the last hour. I was actually quite happy with my run and could easily have gone on for another 10km – maybe even turned back !

Big winner of the day was Andrew Pettica from work who ran about 3 and a half hours or something – pretty good for a first decent trail run.

Afterwards I had a lovely swim in the sea, luckily I have the week off work!

Today was also election day, when Tony Abbott got in, the less said about that the better! The funny thing is Dawn was working overnight and after my exertions earlier I was flaking out on the sofa. The last thing I remember was half of Kevin Rudd’s losing speech then I zonked out, missed the rest of it, and missed all of Tony Abbott’ speech.