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17-Dec-2015 Commuting to work

Thursday 17 December 2015 Leave a comment

Commuting to work .. it’s nice at this end of the trip. Left my car in Sutherland last night after work drinks.





22-Apr-2015 Rain Rain Go Away

Wednesday 22 April 2015 Leave a comment

The newspaper called it the “Storm of the Century” and it was pretty bad. The Weir was closed, obviously, and it was just a crappy day yesterday, so I worked from home as I didn’t have any meetings. Mostly it was just pouring rain and quite cold. I did go out for a run in the afternoon and it felt pretty dangerous as it was also blowing a gale and branches etc were coming down everywhere. Wednesday, today, was even worse, but I just assumed that it couldn’t stay bad for so long (it had started on Monday afternoon). But it was probably even worse, although I did go to work in jeans etc.

Here are some photos.

Charley dog in our back garden:

charley in flood

Audley Weir approx 2m under water:


Footpath near Audley:


The street next to ours. Ours wasn’t so bad:

liverpool st

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5-Jan-2015 Bundeena makes the SMH

Monday 5 January 2015 Leave a comment

Bundeena made the papers today. OK it was the Real Estate pages and you an never trust them, as it always written as a puff piece – buy now, buy now, never been a better time etc. But if you have never heard of the place, then click the link as you get some photos.

Anyway the article is here:

The sun is shining on Bundeena.

In property terms this often overlooked hamlet an hour south of Sydney’s CBD is enjoying a bumper summer following a strong 2014.

“The market is very strong with interest across all prices,” said Wendy Hewitt of Century 21 Beachside.

The Domain Group reports a 14 per cent increase on Bundeena’s median house price in the past year to $712,500. Compare that to another Sydney fringe beach getaway, Palm Beach. Its median for the past year is $2,625,000.

Larissa Reed of Payne Pacific Estate Agents said much of the interest is coming from young families and first home buyers circling the houses in the $600,000 to $800,000 range. “I could sell one a week if I had the stock.”

“You can catch the ferry to Cronulla or it’s a 20-minute drive through the National Park to Sutherland then you jump on the express train to the city,” said Ms Reed. She also notes that unlike Palm Beach, all Bundeena’s waterfront property faces north.

Ms Reed said a lot of people have never heard of Bundeena. She’s doing her bit to put the beach idyll on the map through her Bundeena-Maianbar website and facebook page.

Long-term rentals are as scarce as hens teeth but short-term holiday lets keep Bundeena attractive to investors and holiday makers alike. One house on Loftus Street is earning its owners $5000 a week over the summer break.

Here’s a selection on homes on the market now:
15 The Lambeth Walk
$2.85 million +

You’ll know you’re on holidays if you wake up to this view every morning.

The new three-level house has direct access to Gunyah Beach (that’s the local’s favourite swimming spot). There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a vast covered north-facing terrace overlooking the water and just about every mod-con to make this a dream getaway or permanent paradise.

Contact Payne Pacific Estate Agents, 0411 124 546.

52 Brighton Street
$1.2 million +

Outside Byron Bay, Bundeena is home to Australia’s largest community of artists and musicians. This four-bedroom, two-bathroom house is home to the award-winning painter, Bob Marchant.

Surrounded by semi-tropical gardens and with a view of the beach, the property comes with a studio with its own entry. Hordens beach and the ferry wharf are a two minute-walk through the park.

Contact Payne Pacific Estate Agents, 0411 124 546.

18 Loftus Street

Replace the chain-mail fence for timber pickets and ditch the aluminium windows and hey presto! You’re on your way to the dream beach cottage. It has two bedrooms, a carport, garden shed and an 18-metre street frontage. Best of all, it’s only 150 metres from Jibbons Beach.


19-Oct-2014 Sunday night is date night

Sunday 19 October 2014 Leave a comment

I got up really late again … is this normal on a Sunday? Did some chores, went for a walk to Jibbon beach after finding all the bikes had flat tyres, and then had a swim. Came back for a quick breakfast abut 2pm and then went to yoga with Dawn.

We were both stuffed afterwards but went to Newtown and had a coffee. Actually Dawn had a coffee and I had a hot ginger and lemon. One of the advantages of having teenaged kids is we can leave them we we go out on a date.

Then we went to “Lentil As Anything“, it’s a vegan restaurant where the menu doesn’t have any prices, you just pay as you like. They only do a limited number of dishes, the waitress had a hand-scrawled note with 3 dishes on – an Indian plate, a Thai plate and a chick-pea tomato dish, I had the indian and Dawn the chick peas. it was awesome. But they had me at “would you like a soy chai before you sit down … ” Just my sort of place, a bit grungy but super great. As Dawn said “we’ll be back”.


Photos I took on my walk :






27-Apr-2013 Beautiful Bundeena

Saturday 27 April 2013 Leave a comment

I have often said it myself – I live in “Beautiful Bundeena” so it’s good when I read that someone else has said it out loud – here is an extract of the full post – he took some good photos too:

I have done absolutely no research, but I feel like I vaguely remember someone telling me that Bundeena used to full of hippies and artists who wanted to get out of the ratrace in Sydney. Judging from the statue called “Spring” that meets you when you come off the ferry, I believe it. Nowadays though, it looks like the area is full of very very rich people judging from some of the houses. And, really, in a location like this, the rich folks were bound to find it eventually.

It remains, however, a really lovely place. The beach is beautiful and full of prams.There were heaps of people fishing everywhere. The cafes are really charming and lovely. (I know, overkill on the word ‘lovely’ but really, it was so lovely.) It’s hard to believe you’re, kind of, still in Sydney.