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28-Feb-2013 My goal is the Bangla-Dash 2013

Thursday 28 February 2013 Leave a comment

I finally added the page to my site for my next project – the Bangla-Dash 2013. I am very excited and dare I say more than a little nervous !!

Please help support me on this quest by making a donation here.


2-Mar-2013 Bangla-Dash Elevation

Saturday 2 March 2013 1 comment

I had a comment on a recent facebook post from my mate Brian Colwell, a massive ultrarunner back 20yrs ago.

He said “I’m guessing you’ve been doing some fairly heavy duty training recently?!” (facebook link) and I have been doing a lot more training, but most people who know me, would realise that’s from quite a low base. I am doing less than 100km a week. Whether you consider that a lot or now depends on where you are looking at it from.

However most long distance runners would not consider it a lot. But I do have a good background in running (link here) ….

I am hoping that the flat route of the Bangla-Dash will help me. In fact it is INCREDIBLY FLAT.

For the 287km route, it starts at 10m above sea level, the max it gets to is 23m above sealevel and the total climb is 290m over the whole route ie 1m climb for every km run!



4-Mar-2013 My Weekend Runs

Monday 4 March 2013 Leave a comment

On Saturday I ran approx 2hrs 10mins along Lady Carrington Drive (20km ish), in the Royal National Park, close to my home on Sydney’s southside. It’s a fairly flat route, but was muddy due to all the rain, and it was even raining during the run, off and on. Didn’t see a soul but it was very enjoyable and I was pleased with pace etc.

Sunday I ran with a mate from work, Mikey, approx 26km in just over 3hrs. It was a big loop around Bundeena. I felt I struggled a bit, not with the distance but the pace. It was warm and sunny mostly and quite wet underfoot in places. We had a dip in the sea afterwards then I zonked out on the back deck reading the paper.

I managed just over an hour tonight after work, cutting it short as it’s getting darker earlier now as it’s now officially Autumn.

All up I am pleased with that for the weekend.

There is now a thread on CoolRunning about the Bangla-dash.

I saw a cool article on the ABC tonight about an 18yr old Victorian Nic Pridan who is also running a marathon in Bangladesh later in March. Cool.


7-Mar-2013 The big difference between ‘memorable’ and ‘fun’

Thursday 7 March 2013 Leave a comment

  There was an interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald the other week about tourism in Bangladesh. Not many people travel there so it’s quite rare to see articles about it. It was well worth reading.

 “One short week: a thousand stories, a million experiences. Definitely worth $145 for a visa” (It’s actually AU$150).

That article aside there are quite a few civil disturbances in Bangladesh at the moment, this article one of them from the Australian newspaper:

Schools and businesses were shut yesterday across Bangladesh on the second day of a general strike as huge numbers of police were deployed to stop the deadliest bout of violence since independence.At least 61 people have died in clashes since last Thursday when Islamists erupted in outrage at the sentencing to death of one of their leaders who was convicted of war crimes dating back to the 1971 liberation conflict.

More at The Australian newspaper.

There are some really “good” photos at the Washington Post also.

My friends in Bangladesh say that it is localised and not too much of a problem although the Australian Government is taking no chances and has updated the safety section of the SmartTraveller website.

In more peaceful news, I saw these photos of Indian trains, which I have travelled on before with success & enjoyment. I will also be on a train for 30hrs+ from Mumbai to Kolkata.

One of my friends said that the Bangla-Dash would be an EPIC adventure. Yes I think it will be !

9-Mar-2013 Six Foot Track!

Saturday 9 March 2013 Leave a comment

Finished my 11th Six Foot Track Marathon today. Very happy with HOW I ran – Picked up from Pluviometer (26km) and screamed thru deviation and on to the finish (45km) overtaking all those people who went past me earlier. However my time was not great due to a slow section between the Cox’s River (15km) to Pluviometer (26km). 6:24.56 total. A good workout test for my Bangladesh run in a few weeks (distance & comfort if not much speed).

Saw lots of people from CoolRunning which was great, so many old friends. Stayed at Sean & Mel’s at Wentworth Falls the night before, with Colin as an extra guest.

Heaps more discussions & comments at the Coolrunning forums, only 2 went to hospital!

Below photo from my phone:


12-Mar-2013 Got Visas Now

Tuesday 12 March 2013 Leave a comment

I have got both my Indian & Bangladeshi visas now – here is the photo I used:

Here is the touched up version I used for my linked in profile:


15-Mar-2013 Setting a huge scary goal

Friday 15 March 2013 Leave a comment

I just posted this note to LinkedIn :

Setting a huge scary goal – running 290km in Bangladesh

As Linkedin is a professional, career orientated website I thought I would start this discussion off with how setting sporting goals and working towards them can provide valuable lessons for your professional life. They are probably not separate – you are one person with a family, a career and various outside hobbies. So the way you approach GOALS in your hobbies should mimic how you set goals in your career. Yes ? No ? Maybe ? Well I want aim to be consistent, I am no different at work than how I am with my friends or my family – just an ordinary bloke doing his best.

I came across a great training goal that made me shiver a little bit. Its crazy, it won’t work! Impossible ! You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Then I ran the numbers and though  ..  maybe .. just maybe .. it might be possible. I discussed it with a few close friends who promptly said I was insane. I committed myself to the idea and my wife said I was CLEARLY having a midlife crisis. She wanted to slap me. Work colleagues thought I would kill myself !

Anyway I told everyone my plan so I was committed. They thought I was either totally insane or very impressive. But the cat was out of the bag – I am now in deep – too far to back out now.

The I began to doubt myself … maybe I can’t do it, maybe I can. Who knows? Why DID I open my big fat mouth. But I started training, hard, in the heat and especially when I didn’t want to. I hadn’t been so tired in years. I still have my doubts – THIS MAY NOT WORK AND I MIGHT FALL FLAT ON MY FACE. But sometimes that is exactly what’s required – a goal to push you further than you ever dreamt of pushing yourself ever before. Ever.

It’s so scary that it almost makes you feel physically agitated, but on the other hand, so scared that you just want to do that thing, for better or worse, knowing it will just be a memorable adventure, again for better or worse.

One week away from departure it’s almost too late to do any more training to actually help, its just hunkering down to go through the logistics one more time. What if this happens ? or this, or this or this ? What’s the worst possible scenario ? Failing to plan is planning to fail – that’s not me.

Ivan Turgenev summed up a good point “If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin”. We just have to make enough plans but then we have to start, that’s the key – not thinking, not talking, but starting, then keep pushing through. We should not quit.

So my challenge is to run 290km from Kolkata India to Dhaka Bangladesh. It will be hot, but flat. Two Australian teachers ran it last year, so I KNOW it’s possible.