Note on counting marathons

There is much discussion regarding how to count marathons (amongst keen marathon runners), so it’s best to just say how I do it (others may count differently, that’s ok as it’s a personal thing and each to their own) :

  • I count standard 42.2km road marathons and anything longer as one marathon (even if it is in reality a double or triple-marathon).
  • I count a did-not-finish (dnf) as one marathon where i did manage to go further than a standard 42.2km marathon.
  • I only count races, not training runs or solo efforts.

using this criteria I have the following totals : 

  • 27 standard 42.2km road marathons
  • 53 ultramarathons (longer than a standard 42.2km marathon)
  • 09 did-not-finish at longer than 42.2km distance

Total 89 Marathons

See a list of all the marathons i have run

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