I started running when I was about 15 years old to keep fit whilst studying for exams and to lose some weight.

For more info, see my running personal bests and a list of all the marathons I have run (also see how I count marathons).

Over the last few years I have put a lot of effort into various grassroots voluntary efforts to help other runners – eg running a website, organising races etc – see complete list here.

These days I still run a fair amount usually 3 to 4 times per week, although I definitely prefer bush running, and don’t really care about running many races or even with a club.

You can see some photos of me running here.

My running achievements

I think that my best achievements are:

  • My City to Surf time (51.43), Half Marathon (78.47) and Marathon time (2.49.26)
  • I was picked to run for Australia (once!) and competed in the 100km team in Canada
  • I have finished 8th and 9th in the Six Foot Track Marathon
  • I ran a good distance in 24hrs (176km)
  • I have run at least one or more marathons (or longer) every calendar year since 1990
  • I once ran three 80km races in 4 weeks!
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