18-Dec-2015 Last Day Of Work For The Year

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Today was my last day at work for the year as I will be off until 11th January. It’s interesting as the last few years I have had 2, 3 or 4 weeks off over Christmas, New Year and the summer and had time off mid-year. However it feels like I have been hanging out for my break for weeks now or months even! The last few weeks it feels like there has been a gradual dis-interest at work (by everyone, not just me…) greatly exacerbated by the xmas party season. The kids feel it too, hanging out for school holidays. In fact its probably the whole of Australian society in the gradual slow grind to the break. Probably it being summer does not help.

Today started off early as I was swimming at Cronulla at 6.30am so was up at 5.15am. A great swim around Shark Island with Stu and Steve and a bunch of others, then breakfast & coffer overlooking the beach – a great start to a cruisy day!

Luckily today at work was just clearing the decks, setting my out of office notification, clearly emails and telling people I can’t do stuff or passing work onto my team mates. Me and my team went out for lunch for two hours over the road sitting outside in the shade just chatting, then we tried the new coffee place “coffee handsome”. I left work about 5.30pm – early for me. It was very hot 30C I reckon.

At home I went for a run and a swim at Jibbon and I could just feel the pressure lift iff my shoulders. 3 weeks ahead of… fantastic !!

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17-Dec-2015 Commuting to work

Thursday 17 December 2015 Leave a comment

Commuting to work .. it’s nice at this end of the trip. Left my car in Sutherland last night after work drinks.





7-Nov-2015 Leaving the City

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Although I have been working for the same company for “quite a long time” I have always work in the Sydney CBD, but still managed to move offices more or less every year or two. So much so that moving is no big deal as I have few to no papers or files or anything. In a modern corporate job you are encouraged to be lean. Anyway after some long drawn out time (I have been split 50:50 between the CBD and a far flung southern Sydney suburb, Kogarah for a few months), today we actually packed up to leave for good. Or whatever counts as permanent in these fast-moving times. Probably till the next “flavour of the month” 🙂

Anyway this photo is of a little note that I had pinned up. I can put up a new photo at my new place of work, except, I don’t have an office or a desk but I do have a locker ! I guess it’s a bit like school where you just fight each day for a space.

It’s actually quite a good place to work, lots of cool areas to work, wifi everywhere, no desk phones only mobiles, but you know there is just this lingering thought that it’s not for my benefit, it’s to save money and squeeze even more blood from a stone productivity from the workers.



6-Jun-2015 Saturday .. some joy

Sunday 7 June 2015 Leave a comment

It seems I have been working harder & longer at work the last few months, so today it felt like a real luxury to sleep in until about 10am with my wife and have a coffee sitting out on the back deck.

After dropping Kody off at a friends place I went running, not a huge long run, just an hour on what is becoming my fave route – to Jibbon beach and up the Eric St track then back down to the beach on the Sandy track. I did it last weekend in barefeet but today I wore shoes. My running is going very well, just frightened now of doing something silly and getting injured!

Then I went swimming at the beach – which is rapidly becoming my favourite spot to swim as it’s so clear and gets deep quickly – often just 1m from the edge it seems over my head! – just to the right of the rocks and across to “Devs” (as the kids call it) and back again. The water was chilly but not too bad. Maybe 17C in the water I’d estimate. Then jogged home afterwards.

Took Chelsea driving, then went to see Kody play soccer at Heathcote.

After seeing off Dawn to work and skyping with family in the UK, I “went to the gym” over at the oval:

5 sets of:

  • 50 skips with skipping rope
  • 20 step ups with 15kg “sandbag” on shoulders
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 knees up whilst hanging from climbing frame

It’s pretty clear that doing sets of reps is a good way to do heaps more than just straight through. I felt extra virtuous as it was so cold outside (10C) .. ha ha must be going soft !

After dinner I took Chelsea out driving again, this time to Sutherland and back. Relaxed in the evening listening to alt-country playlist on Spotify.

23-May-2015 Beatles!

Saturday 23 May 2015 Leave a comment

beatlesI had just been running this afternoon, and was just about to hop into the shower when John down the road knocked on my door and gave me two free tickets to see the Bootleg Beatles this very evening. I would have to leave home about 6.30pm and it was already gone 4pm. Unfortunately Dawn and the kids decided they wouldn’t bother and friends I contacted couldn’t do it at the last minute so I went by myself.

The Theatre was really cool and had only been renovated about 6 years ago .. very 1920s, lots of carpet, wood, chandeliers etc. The other people were from that era too .. I felt like I was one of the youngest people there!

The Beatles music was the soundtrack to my life and about 45 years after the originals last played a gig together it was a weird feeling indeed. Quite a spiritual moment and certainly proving that old stuff still has a place in the world… the Bootleg Beatles may not be the originals but to a large crowd of people in Anita’s Theatre at Thirroul thought they were certainly close enough. I really enjoyed it.


16-May-2015 Jamie Oliver Petition

Saturday 16 May 2015 Leave a comment

Today I signed this petition to help get kids taught how to cook food at schools. The good news is that all of our kids know how to cook good food from scratch, vegetarian of course. In face the older two are pretty good and even little Kody is coming along nicely. You could say that this was great planning on our part – but the kids would say that we are never at home and they taught themselves to fend for themselves.

In particular in these times we have taught them that “cheap food” at the supermarkets is rarely ever the best quality and you don’t need masses of poor quantity but an honest amount of quality is the most important. They are learning that.

As Michael Pollan says “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”

There was a video that with he Jamie Oliver “Food Revolution Day” here:

2-May-2015 Driving in the rain

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I didn’t have anything planned for today, and was looking forward to a lie in as I had been up early all week. Combined with the rain and wet weather and general speed up of corporate life, I felt like a bedraggled, drowned and wrung out rat. Unfortunately Jaz was going out at 7am to a soccer referee course way over at Norwest, a good 90mins drive away, if you don’t get lost on the way. I awoke at 06.30am and asked if she’d like me to go with her. She said Yes. Grrr. So we left, Jaz driving. We got there in time for her 9am start, and then I went to Kogarah to pick up 2 persimmon trees that Dawn and Jaz had lined up. They were both about 30cm high. Then I went to Ramsgate Farmer’s market for some veggies. Then went to Cronulla to buy some stuff from the health food shop. Had an hour at home (had to go the long way as the weir was flooded). Had a lie down and some fruit then drove out back to pick up Jaz. Unfortunately it was really raining hard and was just miserable. However she is now a fully qualified grade 4 soccer ref. We got home just in time to see Dawn before she went to work. But by then I was buggered and didn’t fancy running and it was too dark to swim.

I cooked dinner and then went to bed early 0930pm. I was lying in bed listening to the rain and frogs thinking how great it all was. Then the phone rank and it was Ko asking if I could go pick her up from a friends place and so I had to go out in the driving rain, again. However when I finally made it back into our warm dry house it was great, and I still made it to bed early. I am trying to get more sleep and find that it’s just great and I love it but rarely make it to be bed early – more times than not it is still 1130pm or later..

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