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7-Nov-2015 Leaving the City

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Although I have been working for the same company for “quite a long time” I have always work in the Sydney CBD, but still managed to move offices more or less every year or two. So much so that moving is no big deal as I have few to no papers or files or anything. In a modern corporate job you are encouraged to be lean. Anyway after some long drawn out time (I have been split 50:50 between the CBD and a far flung southern Sydney suburb, Kogarah for a few months), today we actually packed up to leave for good. Or whatever counts as permanent in these fast-moving times. Probably till the next “flavour of the month” 🙂

Anyway this photo is of a little note that I had pinned up. I can put up a new photo at my new place of work, except, I don’t have an office or a desk but I do have a locker ! I guess it’s a bit like school where you just fight each day for a space.

It’s actually quite a good place to work, lots of cool areas to work, wifi everywhere, no desk phones only mobiles, but you know there is just this lingering thought that it’s not for my benefit, it’s to save money and squeeze even more blood from a stone productivity from the workers.


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