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12-Apr-2015 Coogee Ocean Swim

Sunday 12 April 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

coogee1 It seems to be a tradition of mine to do the ocean swims at Coogee beach, around Wedding Cake Island (2.4km) – they have the “Cold” water swim in November (approx 17C water temp) and the warm water in April (approx 23C). Although today’s temp was only around 20-21C.

I drove to Coogee, it takes about an hour. Luckily these swims start at 1000am or 1030am so there is plenty of time. I even know that parking is really bad so park miles away and walk for 15-20mins. It’s good to just hang out. I saw my old mate Paul Every and we spent a fair bit of time catching up as it’s probably a year since I saw him last. It’s almost 25 years since we first met. The swim was good and I really powered home in the last half – maybe all the gym work paying off ?

I came in  341st position which was weird as I also number 341. I finished 56% of the way down the field in 51min 11secs which is on the better side of normal for me. Afterwards I had a look round the shops and had a coffee. It’s a bad photo with “goggle eyes“.


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