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1-Jan-2015 New Year’s !

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Last night I met Dawn after her work and we went to see the 9pm fireworks from Sydney Park near Newtown. Maybe it was way the wind was blowing but it was difficult to see them, but lots of smoke. We weren’t as impressed as in previous years. We walked into Newtown to get a coffer and/or something to eat, it’s always lively there even on New Years but this time a lot of places were closed.

I read in the paper that:

Bars and hotels citywide reported their quietest New Year’s Eve in a long time. Locals said streets were a “ghost town” on Wednesday night.

As well as Bondi, the number of visitors at pubs in Surry Hills and Leichhardt was about one-fifth of the normal New Year’s Eve crowds.

Oh well, we got a coffee anyway and drove home. Thanksfully (!!) all the kids were out so we had a hot bath and watched the midnight fireworks on TV. Luckily the kids came home in one piece soon after from being at a local beach.

Today was a late start, very hot, over 30C and quiet although all the beaches here were packed. We went to the beach 3 times today too cool off!! I did some reading and some gym work and went to a 2hr walk through the bush and along the cliffs. Then we had a family dinner in the back garden over a fire – not that it was cold – we were all sweating !!

Anyway new year’s resolutions still intact !


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