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31-Oct-2014 Perfect Sydney Day

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Today was a perfect Sydney day – although I was working in the city, I was able to go swimming in the sea before work and after work (courtesy of summer daylight savings time). Often it’s just a quick 5 minute sip but mostly that’s all you need. The water is warmer, not hot but nice & refreshing.

At lunchtime I went for a walk in the city – it was a Friday and not super busy. I walked up to Circular Quay and the Opera House, haven’t been that way for a long time and its still great. Lots of tourists, but who cares – it is a great spot and there is no one that can argue that. Some of the sides streets I used to run down and I swear it must be ten years since I did that.

A couple of photos:






I particularly like the purple Jacaranda which is out in the November time of year – really stunning and often remembered since my first year here.

See here for 59 reasons why living in Sydney ruins you for life.

I the evening it was Halloween which Kody and her friends made a big deal of dressing up and going out but the older two don’t really care. I really dislike it as an imported commercial occasion.

Later at night I picked up Chel, Ellie & Tab from Kurnell – a 90 minute round trip from 10.30pm till almost midnight!

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