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18-Oct-2014 Saturday & Splat

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We both got up late this morning 10.30am and Dawn was gone 11am (admittedly she is working night duty tonight), but I am not, just tired after a week at work, and for the last few weeks I have also been going to the gym 3x a week.

Did some chores then went for a swim at the beach, lovely and sunny but still some stormwater dirtiness in the water.

After breakfast, at gone 2pm, I went for a run on Lady Carrington Drive, which I don’t run on that often. Am trying to go under 2hrs but it was about 2hrs 8min today. But I took a dive on a rocky section and cut my knee and forearms which took most of the weight, and my front/stomach. I still had about 6km to run so that was tough but bearable.

I made risotto for Chelsea and Kody with mixed success…. bleedin’  kids.

This evening I downloaded the One Track Heart film about Krishna Das. And of course then watched it. Great.

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