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12-Oct-2014 Hot Sunday

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Dawn went to work early and I got up early some 4hrs later. I had a quick swim at the beach which was great – sun was out and water was great.

I bought a short-necked turtle for Kody as part of a prize for winning best-and-fairest in the Zone OzTag competition. We had to go to Heathcote for that. Then I did a bunch of home chores. By then it was gone 1pm. I weighed myself and was shocked to see 81.6kg the heaviest for many years even though I am careful with what I eat and the exercise that I do. hmmm probably more running required.

I then went for a 2hr run to the burnt steps above little marley. That makes it 4 weeks in a row now. Afterwards I bought a better cap online as protection from for sun as it is very hot and exposed out there. Big Marley and Little Marley beaches had the best waters I have ever seen there, almost no waves, crystal clear blue water, no dangerous rips!  I should have stopped for a swim but didn’t as I knew I would have a swim back home. Afterwards I died on hammock for a couple of hours.

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