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6-Oct-2014 Long Weekend

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This weekend was a long weekend, and all through Friday I could feel the pressure slowly lifting from my shoulders as the day wore on. It wasn’t that there was any less work but as the day wore on, there is less chance of anyone stressing about it, and it would just get left until next week.  I left work at a reasonable time but I still had a headache by the time I got home. I even went to bed reasonably early.

Saturday I was up at gone 10am, did some chores then went for a swim at the beach – it even feels like summer. The water was a bit nippy but still a heap warmer than a month ago. Then I went for a 2hr 30min run towards Wattamolla (turned back at the sign near Marley track). Very hot and as I didn’t take any water I was dying near the end. Saw a work colleague Frank Wareham at Big Marley with wife and kids. Got home just before Dawn went to work, but by then I was a wreck.

Sunday I was up late again, 10.30am, chores and a swim then went out with Dawn to Cronulla then yoga. No running. Went for a walk to and then along Jibbon beach – it was great under the moonlight abd still very warm. We even saw a yacht that had run aground on the rocks at the north end of the beach.

Monday was up late again and had a swim again, then went running with Dawn for a bit more than an hour before she went to work then just pottered around at home. She beat me although I should point out it wasn’t a race but she is just heaps better on the hills. It was very hot, as we went between 3pm and 4pm and were both just dripping with sweat. I had a dip in the sea then drove her to Sutherland as I dropped old clothes off in the clothing bin and went shopping. Needless to say I was totally stuffed with sore legs by the evening. I cooked the kids some food and even made Chelsea a couple of days lunch.

Overall the weekend was a great success – thoroughly trashed myself with running and yoga. Weather was excellent – warm and sunny day and night and even had quality time to myself and with the family. Ate well and never felt rushed – very relaxing.

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