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25-Sep-2014 Love in time of cholera

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loveinthetimeofcholeraI finished this month’s book club book a little bit early : Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez [wikipedia link].

Previously I had only read his famous Hundred Years of Solitude that I hated so wasn’t looking forward to this but I actually quite enjoyed it.

Here is part of the New York /times review:

As we grow older it gets stranger, until at some point mortality has come well within the frame of our attention, and there we are, suddenly caught between terminal dates while still talking a game of eternity. It’s about then that we may begin to regard love songs, romance novels, soap operas and any live teen-age pronouncements at all on the subject of love with an increasingly impatient, not to mention intolerant, ear.

At the same time, where would any of us be without all that romantic infrastructure, without, in fact, just that degree of adolescent, premortal hope? Pretty far out on life’s limb, at least. Suppose, then, it were possible, not only to swear love ”forever,” but actually to follow through on it – to live a long, full and authentic life based on such a vow, to put one’s alloted stake of precious time where one’s heart is? This is the extraordinary premise of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s new novel ”Love in the Time of Cholera,” one on which he delivers, and triumphantly.

The main guy falls in love as a teenager and writes many many love letters (reminds me of myself as a teen …) but the girl turns him down and he waits 50 years for her husband to die and be in with a nother chance. He has some affairs but never marries and is always focussed on getting her the right house and is just thinking about her. They do (amazingly) get another chance but by then they are old people in their 70’s. It really makes you think about love as you get older, something I am facing !! gadzooks!

Yeah, a great book… much better than the the solitude one.

Some links:

  • Buy it on Amazon [link]
  • New York Times review [link]
  • Review and comments on good reads [link]
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