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12-Sep-2014 Update from Bangladesh

Friday 12 September 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

This week I got an email from Shahed :

Second Term exam is started in Subornogram Foundation’s School for the Cobbler Community Children at Bagmucha, Sonargaon on 6 September. 102 students are attending the exam. The exam will continue till 13 September.

The teaching in the school is going on very well despite several challenges and limitation of resources. This year 4 of our students of class five will appear in the Government exam in coming November.

This was great news but I felt like I wanted to know more ie it raises more questions than it answers.

He also sent a couple of photos:

Mandir Pathshala 1










Rishipara Mandir Pathshala 2










As an aside, I also read a free ebook called “The Flinch” – you can download it from Amazon here for free. This was basically about pushing you to do stuff that scares yourself, moving outside your comfort zone where you’d normally “Flinch”.

Anyway, after I had went to Bangladesh last year and met Shahed and Chris, I had thoughts of getting more involved with the school .. not really sure how but raising some money to help them and stuff. I think I still want to do this although am nervous about jumping in with both feet as it’s then hard to extract myself some years later. Still I would like to get more involved, just need to think how. It seems to me that even raising $1000 a year is a big deal for that school and really that’s only finding 50 people willing to donate $20 per year .. surely that’s pretty easy.

I guess I will think about it some more.

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