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7-Sep-2014 Din Tai Fung

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My legs were sore after yesterday’s exertions, and I got up late .. nearly 11am. Pottered around then went out with Dawn to the library, Bunnings, Cronulla. Opened some lovely Father’s Day cards and presents. Very impressed with all the girls.

In the evening we went out to Din Tai Fung in World Square partially to celebrate Father’s Day but also tomorrow as it’s Dawn’s Birthday. I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before and wanted to hand on to the last grasp of our holiday in China – Jazmin was quite keen on dumplings and I wanted somewhere with a bit of a Wow. It wasn’t super expensive and there was more than adequate options for vegetarians. We went by car to Sutherland then caught the train in the rain, left about 6pm and back home by 9.45pm.

Some Din Tai Fung restaurant reviews here:


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