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4-Aug-2014 I am a lucky guy

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I think one of the continuing themes of my recent life is just what a lucky guy I am.

Today is a Bank Holiday and so all the Bank’s are shut and so I have the day off as I work for a Bank. I had to take the big car to the garage as the boot can’t open. So whilst waiting for them to sort it I went to Cronulla for a swim – it is a beautiful hot sunny day but the water is a freezing 15.6C. I just went around the buoy but it was enough. Incredibly crystal clear water.

Then I got a coffee and looked out at the view, just pondering the world – see the photo below.

How lucky am I to have a job where I can get enough $ to pay for an awesome holiday like I have just had: Australia – China – France – England – Belguim – France – China – Australia. To be honest how lucky am I to be able to live where I do ? Period.

And to have a great wife and kids old enough to be left. Sure we have both put in some hard yards over the years but it’s great to be able to enjoy it now.

I am lucky to be fit enough to do a holiday like that, or motivated enougj to do it. Maybe it’s not luck but good management. Either way, I feel very very lucky.


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