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5-Jun-2014 Pushing it hard

Thursday 5 June 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Winter in Australia starts 1st June and this week has been raining hard all week and has had cool temperatures. This morning, Thursday, it was really tipping down. really really heavily. But I like swimming in the rain so I dashed down to the beach in only my swimmers and a rain mac, barefoot even.

I had a quick swim in the pouring rain, although the sea was very clear and flat. It was great and even a little warm. Dashed home for a warm shower then went to work at Kogarah and had a busy day, then left to come home and drive out with Dawn to yoga.

I probably shouldn’t have gone as I had a headache before I even got home from work, and the yoga didn’t clear it. My arm and shoulder played up something chronic so I was in a fair bit of agony before the class had finished.

I felt quite rotten by the time we got home, in the pouring rain still.

Maybe I have been pushing it at all ends, it certainly felt like it!

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