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8-May-2014 Starting to feel like winter

Thursday 8 May 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The first day of winter in a metric society like Australia is measured precisely. It’s the 1st of June, not organically like the first day of frost (we don’t actually get frost) or the day the trees shed their leaves (they don’t here!!). Other seasons are also at the start of months : September (Spring), December (Summer) and March (Autumn).

Regardless, it’s starting to feel like winter, and frankly I bloody love it.

  • Hot Porridge in the morning for breakfast
  • Woolly jumpers in the morning and evening ie when it’s cold, the days themselves are warm enough – midwinter is still 10C at night, and can still get 15C during the day.
  • Warm socks to wear on the cold wooden floor – no carpets!
  • Blankets when sitting on the sofa
  • Hot water bottles in bed at night (a great excuse to cuddle up to a loved one !)


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