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7-May-2014 A long day

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Today was a very long day. I had to complete my online hr training eg health & safety at work, and other banking compliance training. I decided to go in early with Dawn as she was working. It meant that Jaz would have the car later on for soccer training. We got up at just gone 4.30am and I was at my desk a bit bleary eyed by 6.15am, even allowing for a stand-up espresso from Mecca on the way. It felt like forever that I had ever been at work so early. Most people commented on my earliness !

I then planned to stay later and meer Dawn on her train at 8.15pm which I did. This made it a long day, not helped by being busy. I did flag a bit around 4pm and went out for a walk and some fresh air. I bought a honey & ginger hot drink from Chatime which I thought would be really sweet. It wasn’t overly sweet but the ginger had a real kick, and I like ginger a lot!

We didn’t get home till 9.30pm, both of us shattered. Watched the last episode of Puberty Blues season 2 then went to bed.


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