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5-May-2014 Gym Grief

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I have never really been a big fan of gyms, not because they have done anything wrong but because for years and years I just ran and ran and ran and frankly didn’t have time for anything else. I was happy doing that and all was right with the world, but as I have gotten older I have realised that I have strong legs and big lungs but am weak in many other areas and probably not fit all over. Hence why I have bouts of cross fit-like training, and swimming and yoga etc.

Anyway last year I joined Fitness First, probably the biggest chain of gyms in the country. They had re-fit the Pitt St gym in the Sydney CBD to a group-training configuration and it’s a bit of a crossfit-lite. But to be honest it’s pretty darned good. I paid $27 a week, paid in 2 week blocks, on a “flexible” plan. I figured if I went twice a week then it’s about $13.50 a shot which is quite reasonable. However I have had the plan on hold since xmas as I was away for a period of time and doing boot camp (which worked out at $50 a week, so definitely don’t want to double pay!!).

I was about to unfreeze the gym before Easter but had hurt my arm/shoulder which is still very painful. So I went in today to extend my freeze for another couple of weeks, but I have already frozen it the maximum 12 weeks allowed. They really wanted to see a doctor’s certificate but in the end admitted my only other choice was to cancel, which they don’t want to do.so they extended the freeze period for another 2 weeks.

However I will be away all of July so would need another freeze. Ultimately it’s becoming clear that their idea of flexible is not the same as mine (eg you can only freeze in 2 week blocks). I think I will cancel and either look for a more flexible place or do it myself. Paying per session is a good thought, and I would definitely do it at $15 or at a stretch $20, but their casual rate is $28 which is a total joke.

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