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23-Apr-2014 Not a bad day considering

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In some respects today started just perfectly : I woke up before my alarm went off, which was impressive, and I even felt fit, alive and energetic !! We had a cold snap but it was still approx 15C at 6.30am. I went to the beach for a quick swim, dodgy arm and all. The water was heaps warm, and I was even treading water watching steam come off the surface. The sun was coming up and it was truly beautiful, and evenother people were on the beach taking photos.

Back home I put the gas fire on and got changed in warm clothes, first time for house socks (we just have a woodenfloor which gets cold in our brief winter/cold season, it’s not actually winter until june). I made some “quarter” porridge – a cup of oats, a cup of water, a cup of soymilk and a cup of fruit – today was frozen raspberries. Just a small teacup. It was great. Washed down with a big class of my current favourite dandelion chai whilst reading the (virtual) newspaper infront of a roaring (gas) fire.

Anyway all good things must come to an end, as I had to go to work. Although it’s a quiet week at work. I took off to see a chiropractor about my shoulder/arm. He did some adjustments which may have helped a little. He also got me to stand on 2 scales, one on the left foot and one on the right which indicated a discrepancy of about 10kg – assume it should be the same on either wide. He also used some lines to show that my hips were wonky and my shoulders. Dawn pretty much agees with the diagnosis, although I am wondering if its just a smart business trick to get me in the door for more teatment. He took some x-rays also. I get the results of these next Tuesday. It will be interesting.

I finished work at 5pm as I was going to a book club social function at Ellie’s house in Bundeena. I took a plate of small sushi and 3 books that I have loved to give away (am slowly trying to divest myself of massive piles of books):

I walked home approx 9.30pm but had to go out again approx 10.30pm to pick up Chelsea from Sutherland as she was coming back from the Easter show. Back home at 11.30pm and straight to bed fairly quickly as was tired.

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