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18-Apr-2014 Kinda Perfect Day

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Today was Good Friday, hence a public holiday, hence a day off work. Therefore if you want a perfect day, it was already starting off on the right foot.

Dawn was working last night and I knew she’d be home about 9am to 9.30am. The plan was to stay in bed until then. She came in, was quite cold and jumped straight into bed and warmed up on me. I fell asleep and dozed and eventually got up at 11.30am.

Did some chores but it was a beautiful warm & sunny day so was not really a problem. After that I went into our garage gym for a warm up – pushups, squats, sit ups and medicine ball lifts then went for a run. After my recent I injury just going out for a run with no pain is just heaven, to be in the sun and in my beautiful bush backyard is just great. I finished up with a swim at the beach.

Me and Dawn then drove to Caringbah for a Bikram Yoga class at 6pm, rounding out a great day of exercise. As we did the 6pm instead of our usual 7.45pm, we were home earlier than normal, so I had the energy to cook the older girls dinner, an improved lentil soup on yesterday, then did stuff on the computer and went to bed late.

Just perfect!

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