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17-Apr-2014 The day before Good Friday

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I felt like today I was coming down with a sinus/migraine that I often get when I am stressed, at least that’s how it felt when I woke up. Friday is Good Friday this  is a public holiday, as is Easter Monday and the following Friday is Anzac day, so if people take off 3 days next week they can get 10 straight days leave. Mostcompanies are encouraging this. Most of the guys in my team are doing this but I will work next week. Crazy thing is, everyone is trying to cram 5 days of work into 4 this week, so it’s hard yakka!

So it was a long day at work, Dawn was working overnight, Kody was having a sleepover so there was no great rush to get home, so I cleaned up some stuff at work and didn’t leave till almost 8pm !! At home I made some lentil soup for me & Jaz in our pressure cooker, I think it will get plenty use over winter. Chelsea even liked it too. I also bought the weekend edition of the Australian Financial Review and a copy of The Smith Journal as a treat to read over the weekend.

Late at night I posted to CoolRunning that I was looking to sell my entry to the North Face 100 as whilst my calf is pretty much better, I can’t see me being able to do Mt Solitary 45km on 26th and then tbe North Face on 17th May with re-injuring it or hurting something else as I have lost the last month of raining and I was barely do big miles even before that. Luckily someone wanted it and we struck a quick deal.

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