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16-Apr-2014 Coffee shop

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Usually at work I just have a coffee made on our inhouse Nespresso machine. I usually have 2 day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During the week I mainly don’t have coffee at home (too early or too late) just at the weekends.

However I am getting less and less satisfied with Nespresso. I can only drink the black one, strength 10/10 as the others taste like they are watered down or just plain insipid. However paying $3.50 for a double expresso from a cafe is a bit much however we are lucky that the Mecca is just around the corner and there it is worth the price!!

I have found myself buying a soy picholo latte when out and about,  maybe once per day. My current coffe shop of choice is weird as it doesn’t have a name! But everyone knows it as the hole in the wall by the Louis Vuitton shop. I usually drink it walking back to the office, you can’t keep them long once they have been poured and as it’s small, 3 swigs and it’s gone.


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