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15-Apr-2014 A work Tuesday

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I was at work today, so quite busy. Was in the city in the morning then bought lunch quickly before hpping on a train to Kogarah. After work I went to yoga with Dawn.

I am trying to take lunch to work, mainly for the cost. Today’s lunch of 3 sushi rolls and juice was $11. But it was a cheap juice. If I have the time I get a green juice from Sumo Salad and that alone costs $7. I don’t really like Sumo Salad as 90% of the menu is non-veg which is a travesty for a self-styled salad shop. I might even boycott them, but the green juice is good, although it consistently takes them 10 minutes to make!

However I probably only take lunch at the moment 2-3 days per week, allthough it goes it fits & spurts. Sushi is the lunch I usually get if I sit at my desk for lunch,  which is the exception as I prefer to go for a walk and have a look. The salad at Iku is probably my most common and I fully trust Iku.

The photo below is of 3 sushi – 1) vegetable tempura 2) asparagus and 3) pumpkin & sweet potato but the shop has a reasonable range of other veg ones.


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