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13-Apr-2014 Still Rainy Sunday

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Was up at 6.45 to take Jaz & Chel to soccer.  Actually Jaz could have driven but I like to watch, Ko came too. It was was over at Woronora Heights at 8.20. It was quite cold and drizzly. The girls played very well and are probably the best two on the team … no bias! I took a flask of dandelion chai, my new favourite, whilst Ko bought a hot chocolate.

Back at home I had breakfast and cleared up and waited for Dawn to get up at 12.30pm (she had worked overnight and only went to bed at 9am) then we drove to Brookvale where we had seen a new car as the old one had done more than 250,000 km ! Dawn and Jaz were losing confidence in it when it’s wet on some of the steep hills here in the park even with new tyres, brakes checked etc. Anyway we got one – pick it up next weekend.

Back at home Dawn went for a run but I had a lay down then did some gym warmup (pushups, squats, situps & medicine-ball lifts) and then went for a run myself. I was still taking it easy on my calf so just went on the roads around home. It was a dark & wet night but surprisingly warm.

Jaz had made some lentils and Dawn did sushi for the girls, so I made some lentils with ginger with sushi rice. We watched Bondi Rescue and the Russell Brand movie “Get him to the Greek” whilst Dawn did some work. Went to bed just before midnight.

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