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12-Apr-2014 Rainy Saturday

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I got up about 9am which counted as a lie-in – work during the weeks gets me up at 6.30am and the past few weekends has been 7am approx. I had breakfast and ead the (virtual) paper and did some chores so that by 11am I could watch Jaz referee her first soccer game. Under-8 at Bundeena. However she didn’t really want me watching so just saw some of it then went back home. The soccer is oval is a 1min walk from our house. Kody was playing at 1pm so went over with Dawn to watch her – in our rain coats as it was raining heavily. Ko played ok, the 2nd half in goal and is probably better in midfield than in defence where she was for the first half. At 2pm Jaz has the. Referee for the Under-16 girls match. I just saw a bit then went home – apparently she did ok.

I went running and MY CALF FELT OK so I was very happy. By now it was pouring and very cold but it was geat just to be out running. I finished off with a swim at Hordern’s beach in treacherous waters ie a lesser swimmer could have drowned. Luckily I made a good entrance and exit ffrom the water so as not to scare the onlookers !!! A nice hot bath was the order of the day and as Dawn went to work early (5pm) I had an early dinner, did some stuff on the computer and watched The Blind Side movie on the TV with Ko. My mum had called on the phone approx 8.30pm for our usual Saturday chat. I went to bed approx 10pm.

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