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7-Apr-2014 Bung washing machine

Tuesday 8 April 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had to leave work early, just before 3pm, as I had to be at Cronulla High School for 4.20pm for parent-teacher interviews for Chelsea & Kody. They had a good online booking system this year so it was very simple to use and book. I had about 10 interviews running until about 6pm. Luckily most of the feedback was pretty good.

When I got home Dawn was at the gym so I made some dinner – cannellini beans in fresh tomato with olives and spinach with my favourite plum vinegar. See photo below.

Our washing machine finally died earlier today, although it wasn’t a surprise as it’s been getting worse ie noisier & noisier so it was only a matter of time. Dawnwent out with Jaz and bought a new one so after I briefed Dawn and the girls about what the teachers said, we set about installing it. The old one fit EXACTLY into the hole in the kitchen so the new one also had to be exact, luckily they are all near enough a standard size. We finished about 9.30pm.

I am writing most of these blog posts on my tablet on the train. It seems like a constructive & positive use of my time.


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