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6-Apr-2014 A Rainy Sunday

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The clocks went back an hour last night so although not officially winter, it’s starting to feel that way. Today was wet and miserable and cold (19C) which made it feel like winter even more. The upside was an extra hour sleep, not that I really noticed (as I was asleep!). Dawn was working overnight so worked an extra hour which was unpaid, a point she made to me a few times so obviously she is not that happy about it.

I took the Jaz and Chel to soccer at Wooloware leaving 7.15am so was up approx 6.45 and I just had a coffee before we left. The weather was drizzling at the game. 1-1 draw but the girls played really well, certainly within the top few in the team.

At home I did a bunch of chores, had breakfast and fiddled around optimising my new tablet – ensuring all photos from my phone, Dawn’s phone and my tablet were saved immediately online and could be essily shared & accessed by us only. Then went for a swim in the rain – the water was surprisingly warm and it was great although unsurprisingly I was literally the only person on the whole beach. I had a doze on the sofa as it was perfectly quiet in the house. Dawn was still in bed, Kody was at a friend’s and the others had taken my car and gone shopping.

Later on we went to yoga and then to the supermarket.  It was Kody’s first proper Bikram yoga class. She did better than expected but found it quite hard. Home at 9.30pm. Very tired.

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